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Left hand Rav Drum Right Hand Harpicle Harp

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:05:40
Just getting back to playing music with both hands. The Harp that I'm using my right hand to play was my saving grace during the time I couldn't use my left hand. That and playing the Rav one handed with mallets. Now I am allowed to use both hands and decided to try both at the two different instruments. This is the improv that came out. It was very noisy outside. Kids playing and screaming and ac units and planes flying overhead but my brother George was nice enough to take the time to try and reduce all those sounds so that you could hear my playing better. I hope you like it.
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08/16/18 06:22:08PM @sleepingangel:

Thanks so much. I truly appreciate that !


08/16/18 02:25:20PM @elvensong:

It's great that you are able to play again. This is a very pretty improv.