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Ode To Joy played on plastic ukulele

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:27
#enyaukulele #odetojoy #fingerstyleukulele
I hope you enjoy my little recording in front of the tree we cut down day after Thanksgiving ( well one of my sons cut it down and we watched!)
I just love these little inexpensive enya ukuleles. They sound great, play great and feel great. Playing music makes me so happy. This came from a book called "Easy Classical Ukulele Solos" by Javier Marco

I hope you enjoy the video If you like my music and videos please like subscribe, share and comment. It is very much appreciated Also I have started to add music to my Spotify account so if you can please head over there and put me on some of your playlists. My 3 albums of NA flute music can be very relaxing!! but I have some new ambient tracks I'm uploading which include tongue drum , synths guitars and the like! Here is the link:

Thank you and be safe,
03/26/21 08:28:34PM @kjb:

Love it.  I have the same book.  I may have to dig it out again.