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Two Appalachian Dulcimers that I made.
Mark Runge
07/11/15 02:03:32PM @mark-runge:

I'm really excited about that one, Robin, and it is tough not to work on it--I have four to build in front of it that are just as nice, but…

Mark Runge
07/11/15 02:01:51PM @mark-runge:

Thank all y'all for the kind words. I'm working really hard to make great playing musical instruments that are works of art and still live in the Appalachian Dulcimer lineage in which I am trained. The feedback really helps! 

Really big smiles to all!

Robin Thompson
07/11/15 11:17:36AM @robin-thompson:

Mark, it's been a privilege and a pleasure to watch your development as a luthier!  Great instruments!  

PS- The dogwood artwork on poplar you're making for Dana's fest is exquisite. 

Helen Seiler
07/08/15 05:24:01PM @helen-seiler:

Amazing dulcimers Mark.

Marion Seaman
07/02/15 03:23:47AM @marion-seaman:

well done mark - they are amazing!


Ken Backer
07/01/15 11:01:34AM @ken-backer:

Mark, you made a couple of very fine instruments.

Patty from Virginia
07/01/15 08:50:22AM @patty-from-virginia:

They both are beautiful!!!

John Keane
07/01/15 07:41:58AM @john-keane:

Mark, they look and sound great!  We hope to see you and Val later this summer.

Mark Runge
07/01/15 07:14:06AM @mark-runge:

I finished this one and posted it in the Forums, so I wanted to share it here in my new show place. As usual, any suggestions or constructive criticism is appreciated. 

Big smiles to all!