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Texas Ranger dulcimer

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:03:39
This is a commission that's going to go live in Nashville. The guy has business ties in Texas. It's made from wormy ash and bloodheart wood with geared tuners and ebony nut and saddle.
Mark Runge
12/29/15 09:47:03PM @mark-runge:

Thank y'all for the kind words. They really do keep me going. Really big smiles and hugs to all!

Steve Battarbee
11/11/15 08:28:02AM @steve-battarbee:

that looks and sounds really good Mark

Gail Webber
11/10/15 10:54:32PM @gail-webber:

Mark, it's a beautiful instrument and sounds great.  Looks like the cat came in to have a listen!


Patty from Virginia
11/09/15 10:12:58PM @patty-from-virginia:

Mark, it's a real beauty!!!

Ken Backer
11/09/15 06:48:48PM @ken-backer:

On, and sounds like your furball needs some attention.

Ken Backer
11/09/15 06:48:02PM @ken-backer:

Mark, that is one fine instrument!

John Keane
11/09/15 05:23:00PM @john-keane:

Mark, I hope that you know how proud we are of you!

Dusty Turtle
11/09/15 02:54:34AM @dusty:

Nail holes or bullet holes?shocked   That new instrument looks and sounds great, Mark. I'm glad to hear you've been busy building.  

Robin Thompson
11/08/15 11:28:14PM @robin-thompson:

Mark, your workmanship looks so fine and the instrument sounds great!  

The visit from Jan and Dana and other music friends must help keep you from getting bored!  (Dana's humorous stories are entertaining giggle2

Mark Runge
11/08/15 08:48:36PM @mark-runge:

I've been working away in the shop and learning to play better. I've been working with Bill at his place, and we've been building a gourd banjo and cutting wood down from logs. Jan and Dana came through and we had a great TN jam. Russ and his wife came through to see the shop and we played a while. I'm really finding my place in the dulcimer world, and I'm loving it. Thank y'all for watching, and, as always, comments, criticisms, and questions are welcome. Really big smiles to all y'all!