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Four Tenths of a Mile

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:03:53
This is me writing my own song and making the music to go with it.
Mark Runge
03/01/17 06:36:44PM @mark-runge:

Too funny, from where me and that dog sit! Clearly that hound is part cat! 

I'm glad he just flipped you off!

Big smiles to you!

Salt Springs
03/01/17 06:11:05PM @salt-springs:

Mark.........thought of this tune last night.  When I went outside to make sure my van was locked up I was greeted by a big old bear hiding out just behind it.  When he saw me he kind of flipped me the paw and took off......and I took off in the opposite direction......nice big old boy.........375-400 lbs.   Then I noticed my big old Plott Hound sitting behind the fence watching the unfolding circus.  Not a bark, a growl or any racket worth mentioning.........just watching, wagging his tail and I swear laughing at my old butt.  

06/23/16 10:38:18PM @boo:

funny happys !

Salt Springs
06/11/16 09:05:58PM @salt-springs:

I think this tune should be nominated as one of the top hits of 2016.........dancecool

Ben Barr Jr
06/09/16 10:30:31PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

I"m practicing my running, cause I'm faster than you!  Well, a few firsts there for you.  Keep going before the bear bears down on you!

John Keane
06/09/16 10:01:29PM @john-keane:

Better to be slow than slowest lol!

Dusty Turtle
06/09/16 08:26:41PM @dusty-turtle:

This is hilarious.

My advice: do not use salmon oil for sunscreen; it will only attract unwanted attention.


Salt Springs
06/09/16 02:43:09PM @salt-springs:

Then there is this old guy that used to chase the cat and then turn around and let the cat chase him...he is gone too...the cat is still there just as tough as ever and just loves to bring me a snake every now and then.....and no they are not far no rattlers; I swear he knows the difference twixt them.256256



Salt Springs
06/09/16 02:35:14PM @salt-springs:

256256 These guys lived under my deck for about two years and came to the back door on a regular basis...I guess they have gone on as I have not seen them for about a year deck made a perfect place for them to hang out.  I hit the big guy in the butt with the back door one night since he was backed up against know there is a limit to what you can put up with.........I think they used to hang out at my house and when it got really late cross the road and go down to the Lake..........PS that is a really funny tune my friend.


Lexie R Oakley
06/09/16 01:57:30PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Yep I know about bears, would love to see your Smokies and don't you know bears can out run ya, never run from bears....Good first song and love your story with it. 

I would love to spend the summer in your neck of the woods, but we would need to teach each other how to play, it would be great and I would love to see you make your instruments.

Robin Thompson
06/09/16 11:42:40AM @robin-thompson:

I'm NEVER hiking in the Smokies with you, Mark  Haha! 

Your dulcimer sure is pretty-- and a special one, too. 

Mark Runge
06/09/16 11:20:09AM @mark-runge:

This grew out of a post I made earlier:

Salt Springs

06/09/16 08:55:56AM  @Salt-Springs :

Mark....when running in the woods or along trails always have a companion run with you.  It is very important that you do this and equally important that you are able to run a bit faster then that person.  Bears will always go for the slowest one running.

Mark Runge

06/09/16 08:28:32AM  @Mark-Kungfucracker-Runge :

Lol! We live in the foothills, and I was running in the Park itself.

I was telling my wife that when I was two miles away from the car I starting hearing bears everywhere! And when I was swimming in the creek to cool off I swear there was at least one bear watching me like I was a fish in the water.

I was in fight or flight mode by then, and I ain't fighting no bear!

I think there is a song in this adventure!

Rob N Lackey

06/09/16 04:52:06AM  @Rob-N-Lackey :

Was a bear chasing you?  That's about the only way I'd be running 4 miles or even 4/10 of a mile, particularly in the foothills of the Smokies.