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For John Henry: "Froggy Went a' Courtin'

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Duration: 00:00:59
This is our first video, filmed quickly at the Little Greenbrier School House in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The noter is a John Henry Original (False Acacia), one of many well-turned noters that he sent to me. I also am fortunate to have several John Henry Original wooden plectrums (although I am not using one here). The MD is a Prichard reproduction crafted by Kevin Messenger. Our version of Froggy is more of the "Uncle Pecos" version from the Tom & Jerry cartoons, hence the "Crambone." Please pardon the lazy lefthand squeaking and the lack of technique--still learning...
Rick Kennedy
05/08/14 07:55:36PM @rick-kennedy:

Thank you, Janene! Thank you, Strumelia! School is nearly out for summer--I hope to post some more of that singer and those noters soon, JohnGrin.gif

05/08/14 06:03:31PM @strumelia:

How on earth did I miss this???

I love it!! One of my favorite songs to listen to...and what a terrific 'first video'.

Rick, I have a few John Henry noters as well...I use and cherish them!

John Henry
05/08/14 09:29:28AM @john-henry:

Totally agree with you Janene, thanks for giving it a 'boost'


Janene Millen
05/08/14 08:19:56AM @janene-millen:

smiles....very sweet singing and playing.

Rick Kennedy
08/22/13 11:48:04PM @rick-kennedy:

Glad that video can still bring you some pleasure, JH (although better playing by yours truly would bring yours truly more pleasureTongue.gif Grin.gif ). I would like to post some more, but the new school year has just begun and that distasteful thing called "work" (of which I have never been a fan) keeps getting in my way. I wish work involved playing and working with dulcimers (and believe me, I have sure thought about that a lot!) Someday, someday...

John Henry
08/20/13 11:47:16AM @john-henry:

I keep watching this just to see that moment around 0.38 when Fiona realises that the dulcimer player is running out of steam !!! 3.gif

as Oliver T said "Please sir, can I/we have some more"


John Henry
07/13/13 05:17:45PM @john-henry:

My pleasure entirely Fiona ! 103.gif


Rick Kennedy
07/13/13 01:22:19PM @rick-kennedy:

Fiona says, "Thank you!" John HenryGrin.gif

John Henry
07/10/13 02:19:22AM @john-henry:

I was indeed Rick! We knew the name of the player, and that of the makers of instrument and noter, now we can acknowledge the singer ! Thank you for sharing Fiona 41.gif , have a happy birthday36.gif

JohnH 27.gif

Rick Kennedy
07/09/13 11:25:40PM @rick-kennedy:

JH--are you referring to the name of the singer? She is soon-to-be-seven-year-old (we've been hearing about her birthday for weeks, now) Fiona, our one and only.

John Henry
07/08/13 06:17:15AM @john-henry:

Well Rick, we know your name......................?


Rick Kennedy
07/07/13 08:18:11PM @rick-kennedy:

Thanks, KarenGrin.gif

Karen Keane
07/07/13 10:55:15AM @karen-keane:
So sweet. You did a great job!
Rick Kennedy
07/05/13 11:47:51AM @rick-kennedy:

Glad you liked it, HelenGrin.gif

Rick Kennedy
07/02/13 11:59:49PM @rick-kennedy:

Thanks, Randy, Dana, and John. Glad you liked it, Kevin. I really enjoy playing that Prichard. It is much louder, of course, with some sort of plectrum, but I am working on that.

Your welcome, John Henry. We are glad that you liked it. I sure would love to move back to this area to work--perhaps not in a one-room, log school house teaching several grades at once, but definitely in this area. Of the many times that we had visited the park, we had never been to that building before. It is really interesting--a short hike from here is the Walker cabin--where 5 spinster sisters lived even after the Park Service kicked everyone else out (in the 1930s) who had a homestead. The last one died in 1964--happy, even without indoor plumbing and such.

As for bears--only seen the back end of one in a dumpster. The mosquitoes are the real terrors!

Oh, and keep an eye on the post--I've dropped a little something in it that you might find of interest...Smile.gif

Randy Adams
07/02/13 09:03:37PM @randy-adams:

You're sounding real good there Rick! ...& you gots urself a singer!

Kevin Messenger
07/02/13 08:03:59PM @kevin-messenger:

Rick, I love it. It's nice to see that you both are enjoying the Prichard. Keep them coming.

John Henry
07/02/13 06:25:12PM @john-henry:

Hello you two !!! Thank you for this , much enjoyed here 41.gif 41.gif 41.gif , glad to see a noter 'in action'. Rick! I do so hope that seeing you in that school house does'nt herald another change of teaching position 26.gif !!! The track up to it looks hairy 18.gif , and could look worse in winter, never mind all those Black Bears which are likely to be found in the locality 63.gif ??? (did a bit of 'homework' !)

best wishes


Dana R. McCall
07/02/13 05:20:48PM @dana-r-mccall:

She is great! so was the dulcimer playing Grin.gif

John Keane
07/02/13 02:59:54PM @john-keane:

Very cute! Smile.gif