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"La Laine des Moutons"

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:06:58
An old French folk tune about shearing the woolen fleece from sheep.
01/19/22 08:07:02PM @davisjames:

That is lovely!Interestingly I got playing the dulcimer by being at a recording session,not knowing what to use to accompany a French tune"Ma Musette" was the title I think.There happened to be a dulcimer in the studio,I picked it up and it was the perfect instrument for the song even though I didn't know how to play it,I figured it out and got hooked!

Gwen Caeli
09/05/16 07:10:58PM @gwen-caeli:

 Thank you, Pierre-Yves!  The French folk tunes have such lovely melodies.

Pierre-Yves Donnio
09/05/16 05:38:37PM @pierre-yves-donnio:

Gwen' it's really nice!thumbsup

Gwen Caeli
08/31/16 07:57:57PM @gwen-caeli:

Thanks, Monica.  The instrument is a six-string baritone with a 1.5 fret.  I found the heavier strings of a baritone very difficult to cleanly fret the doubled strings and produce pleasing tones - too heavy and muddy sounding for my ears, especially when I fingerpick.  I removed a lot of them! Sounds much better to me as a three string. It was made by Ron Ewing.

08/31/16 06:43:20PM @monica:

That was wonderful Gwen, can you tell about the dulcimer you are playing.

Gwen Caeli
08/31/16 03:54:56PM @gwen-caeli:

Aren't these wonderful little French tunes the catchiest thing?!  Glad you approve.  I need to really work on getting the vocal tracks right - it is my first attempt. I realize now that I should have started with just two - the melody and one harmony, learn how to better align the tracks, stay on harmony pitch, then build on making the music more polyphonic by stacking more harmonies.  I have so much to learn!

Gwen Caeli
08/31/16 03:39:53PM @gwen-caeli:

Yikes, Marc! I'm sure I gave you a good laugh with my 'French American' singing.  You are  the real native speaker, I'm the Franco-phony, guilty of  language fraud.   I've always known you had good musical taste! How funny we both did this nifty little tune.  I can't get it out of  my head. . . .

08/31/16 12:43:38PM @strumelia:

I love these old French folk (dance?) tunes.  Well done, Gwen!  clapper

Gwen Caeli
08/28/16 03:39:43PM @gwen-caeli:

Thanks, Lexie, it is so good to hear from you twice in one day!  A  special day, indeed.



Lexie R Oakley
08/28/16 11:42:51AM @lexie-r-oakley:

I really enjoyed this song, Gwen you are a wonderful musician.