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Gone Electric

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Duration: 00:05:38
Demo of Appalachian Flutes and Dulcimers, Electric Dogwood Hourglass.
Jack Ferguson
05/23/14 06:30:07AM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks Helen. Adding electric adds a totally new dimension yet keeps the traditional stand-alone sound when desired. I like the chorus settings, and the ability to dub over cds and use the metronome. Great for practice.Smile.gif

Helen Seiler
05/23/14 05:17:57AM @helen-seiler:

Very nice demo Jack.....I just got amplified and as much as my love my music acoustic, the amp does add another dimension that I love too. Its like owning a wholedifferent instrument, especially in the 'chorus' mode. Flat picking and fingerpicking are divine amplified.Iam usingan older model Epiphone C15 ChorusAcoustic amp. $79 second hand. Am very happy with what it can do, it hasa mic input too.The AC33 is the bees knees of acoustic amps but for me too, they were just too pricey. Maybe one day.

Jack Ferguson
05/22/14 01:34:16PM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks Brian. Yeah, the Roland Microcube is a good choice, especially since it's portable. I'm also looking at the Fender Mustang V.2 Combo , and Acoustic's Lead Guitar G20 , a simpler model, but well reviewed. All, including the Microcube, priced between $60 and $120.

Brian G.
05/22/14 12:27:26PM @brian-g:

Jack - very nice! Phil - consider the Roland Microcube. Excellent amp, and you can sometimes find great deals. I bought mine used (but in fantastic shape) for $59.00. You can't play a large gig with it, but for practicing or a coffee-shop type gig, it fits the bill very nicely. It's small but loud for its size, can run on batteries, can digitally emulate a number of very famous amps, has some effects, has a digital tuning fork, recording/headphones output and stereo aux input. It's a very well-regarded little amp.

05/22/14 11:23:07AM @phil:

Littlemorre than I was wanting to spend myself. Rolands makes good amps,just out of my price rang.

Mornin' Phil. It was a Roland AC-33, and really packed a punch. I'm looking at different amps this week and will let you know what I find. The AC-33 is a bit pricey for my needs.Smile.gif

Jack Ferguson
05/22/14 06:47:51AM @jack-ferguson:

Mornin' Phil. It was a Roland AC-33, and really packed a punch. I'm looking at different amps this week and will let you know what I find. The AC-33 is a bit pricey for my needs.Smile.gif

05/21/14 11:15:31PM @phil:

Awesome Work Jack. Now I know I got to go Electric on at lest one Dulcimer. and would like to have that amp too. What kind was that.

Jack Ferguson
05/21/14 09:00:28PM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks Lisa-Marie. Glad you are enjoying your Curly Maple.Grin.gif

05/21/14 01:26:27AM @lisa-marie:

This is awesome Jack. You just keep making incredible instruments. Every time I play Mariposa, the curly maple you made for me, for someone, they comment on how lovely the sound is. Cannot wait to see what you do next Smile.gif .

Jack Ferguson
05/20/14 06:54:09AM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks Patty and John. I was actually "blown away" when Eric plugged it in and began to play. Very satisfying to see pieces of wood turn into beautiful music! And many thanks to Eric Larsen who made it happen.Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
05/19/14 10:34:49PM @patty-from-virginia:

I agree with John. It's a winnerSmile.gif

John Keane
05/19/14 09:35:38PM @john-keane:

Sounds like a winner!