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"Standing" Dulcimer Playing Stand

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:21
New "standing" Dulcimer Playing Stand from Appalachian Flutes and Dulcimers, www.appflutes.com.
Cindy Stammich
05/06/20 10:01:14PM @cindy-stammich:

Cool stand!  Beautiful sounding dulcimer and love the song!


05/04/20 11:32:04PM @irene:

very nice dulcimer and great stand and true, when a dulcimer is not on the lap, but on a table or like this stand.....projects the sound much better.   thanks for your demo.  aloha, irene

Terry Wilson
05/04/20 09:39:19PM @terry-wilson:

Jack, thanks for the demonstration.  Great sounding dulcimer.  Really projects well.