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Jerry C Rockwell

dulcimer tab with Finale 2012

the folks at MakeMusic had a great price on their Finale 2012 notation...
@Jerry C Rockwell 11 years ago - Comments: 19

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Just Getting Started on a Brand-New Blog!

Posted: Thursday September 25 2014, 6:24 PM
By: @Patty from Virginia

My music and TAB arrangement of Southwind

Posted: Wednesday December 18 2013, 4:36 PM
By: @Jim Fawcett


Jimmy Lamar
12/06/10 10:48:28PM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Jerry, That means a lot coming from you, and I will post my tunes for you. JL
Jimmy Lamar
12/06/10 05:15:58PM @jimmy-lamar:
Howdy Jerry,You have been an inspiration to me, at least in the building department. JL
Robin Thompson
10/27/10 03:46:49PM @robin-thompson:
Jerry,Mark and I had a wonderful time at SEODulcimer Festival! It's always a treat for us to get to hear you play. . . Thanks for inviting Josh Noe to the festival-- we've been enjoying his cd since the weekend. (We don't know if we would've had opportunity to hear Josh otherwise.)Best wishes to you & Mary!
Bill Lewis
08/28/10 05:02:53PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Jerry. Grin.gif
Guy Babusek
08/26/10 11:53:13PM @guy-babusek:
Thanks for the nice note Jerry! Nice to see you here as well. Yes I like that tuning!! Cyntia and I just came up with a great counter melody! Maybe I can get her to play with me and record it!
Carla Maxwell
08/25/10 01:41:13AM @carla-maxwell:
Hi Jerry, Welcome to the FOTMD forum! Smile.gif
Dwain Wilder
08/21/10 09:37:38PM @dwain-wilder:
Yo! Jerry! Look forward to seeing your posts here
Guy Babusek
08/21/10 07:46:09PM @guy-babusek:
Hi Jerry! I didn't know you were on here til just now. Hope all is well with you. I love listening to your music!!
Sue Simms
08/21/10 06:38:28PM @sue-simms:
Welcome Jerry, nice to see another FOTMD ! I play my Dulcimer a lot like that and it is relaxing to me. Smile.gif
Robin Thompson
08/21/10 02:17:34PM @robin-thompson:
Jerry,So good to have you here!At Fort New Salem last weekend, the emphases you placed on MD fundamentals and on making sound for healing really spoke to my heart. Many thanks!
08/21/10 02:02:31PM @strumelia:
Greetings Jerry... welcome!
Rod Westerfield
08/21/10 12:50:51PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Jerry .. glad ya joined the FOTMD family.. 103.gif