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Mama's Gumbo - Red River Revel 2013

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Duration: 00:03:39
By Karen Keane. Performed at the 2013 Red River Revel by John & Karen Keane in Shreveport, Louisiana.
John Keane
05/12/14 06:33:53AM @john-keane:


Robin Thompson
05/11/14 04:23:22PM @robin-thompson:
If you make squirrel soup, be sure to take off the fur first. It's not good if the fur's left on. Lol
Karen Keane
05/11/14 04:06:54PM @karen-keane:
Hey Robin and thanks. You could definitely substitute just about anything that you want in gumbo. Funny that you say that, because we had some squirrels chew through our cable line recently. I threatened to make some squirrel soup. LOL Just kidding...sort of. LOL
Robin Thompson
05/10/14 12:50:31AM @robin-thompson:

Fine job, as always, you two! And I think it's cool when the drummer is proud of his wife. :)

A cooking question: If I were to make gumbo, could squirrel heads be substituted for seafood? We've got lots of squirrels around here. LOL! The question is purely hypothetical-- I love watching the squirrels.

Karen Keane
04/26/14 05:12:36PM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much Roy, we appreciate it.
John Keane
04/26/14 06:23:21AM @john-keane:

Thanks for all of the kind comments...she done good. Smile.gif

Karen Keane
04/25/14 06:02:32PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Ken and Steve. This song was released on our first CD, Dulcimer Stories, but I didn't include the recipe. I don't think I would have any takers. LOLHey Steve, gumbo is a traditional Louisiana dish. You make a roux, kind of a thick gravy made with flour and oil, then you can add whatever ingredients you want. The most common types of gumbo in Louisiana usually include seafood. It is traditionally served over rice.
Steve Battarbee
04/25/14 04:19:37PM @steve-battarbee:

Cool! Although I'm not sure what Gumbo isSmile.gif

Is that one of those throw in whatever you got sort of dishes?

Ken Backer
04/25/14 09:43:12AM @ken-backer:

Great song, Karen! Well done, you two, as usual. Up here in Canada not many people even know what gumbo is.

I use to love gumbo and blackend this and that, but the old stomach won't allow it any more. If you put in on a CD, include Mama's receipe.

Karen Keane
04/24/14 06:30:51PM @karen-keane:
Hee, Hee Edward, but this Louisiana girl, ain't going nowhere. LOLHa, ha Steph...it might melt the fork. LOLLove you sweetie. It sounds so much better with the drum part. Thanks
John Keane
04/24/14 05:12:32PM @john-keane:

I hope that it isn't in bad taste for the drummer to be proud of his wife! Smile.gif

Karen Keane
04/24/14 06:58:40AM @karen-keane:
Thanks Patty and Dusty. Hee Hee Patty, sadly there were no takers on the recipe.
Dusty Turtle
04/23/14 11:02:39PM @dusty:

What a rollickin' tune! Any one else hungry?

Patty from Virginia
04/23/14 09:44:20PM @patty-from-virginia:

By the way, did anyone want you to write out the recipe for them?Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
04/23/14 09:41:49PM @patty-from-virginia:

You did good!!!113.gif

Karen Keane
04/23/14 09:41:09PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Stephanie and Carrie. It was a great audience and we had a wonderful day!