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The Caverns of Blanchard Springs

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Duration: 00:03:35
Written and performed by Karen Keane. Inspired by the Blanchard Springs Caverns in Arkansas.
Karen Keane
03/07/15 07:08:09PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Gail, I appreciate it.
Gail Webber
03/07/15 05:57:29PM @gail-webber:

So beautiful! Thank you for posting this.

Karen Keane
03/07/15 05:37:59PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Lexie and Helen. It was meant to be "cave" like and performed freely with lots of echos. The Blanchard Springs Caverns are huge and an extremely beautiful site to behold. I am so glad you both enjoyed it.
Helen Seiler
03/07/15 04:16:39PM @helen-seiler:
Just superb Karen.
Lexie R Oakley
03/07/15 11:58:13AM @lexie-r-oakley:

So lovely Karen. I remember going through ice caves and the song was magical as the caves were.

Karen Keane
03/07/15 10:38:19AM @karen-keane:
Thanks Cynthia, Monica, and Gary. I appreciate you all listening. I do have quiet a few more Cynthia, but I haven't posted them yet. I get busy with other stuff and forget to post videos of fingerpicking. John and I have a lot of videos on YouTube, but I haven't posted one of my playing in awhile. If you want to check out some of those just search tubakeane on YouTube and you can see our duet stuff. Thanks so much for listening.
Cynthia Wigington
03/07/15 10:00:46AM @cynthia-wigington:

So lovely and just the tone I needed today, another cold late winter morn here in Vermont. I hope you've written more, I'll have to go see soon what all you have in your videos.

03/07/15 09:04:01AM @monica:

Lovely playing !

Gary McNaughton
03/07/15 06:29:26AM @gary-mcnaughton:
That's real Beautiful Karen.Very moving and professionalCongratulationsKind RegardsGary :-)
Karen Keane
08/26/13 07:28:07PM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much Susan and thanks for the friend request.
Karen Keane
02/03/13 05:42:42PM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much Dewey and Chuck for listening. I am currently working on getting it tabbed out on Tabledit. I have a couple of folks playing through it now, so I can make corrections. It means a lot to me to hear such kind words. Thanks a bunch.
Chuck Moseley
02/03/13 04:59:46PM @chuck-moseley:
Wow! Absolutely beautiful song. Great job Karen!
Dewey Parker
02/03/13 04:35:29PM @dewey-parker:

Karen, I just stumbled across your beautiful Caverns of Blanchard Springs recording and had to pause long enough to hand you some roses. The song is beautiful, original (out of the mainstream), and touches my spirit. It is this kind of music that I love the best, and feel that the dulcimer gives the most to the listener when performing it. But not everyone has that kind of music inside them, or knows how to get it out, even if they do. You are one of the lucky ones. And the rest of us are lucky to be able to hear you play. Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with us.

Dewey Parker

Karen Keane
01/02/13 11:03:50AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Judy for listening.

Karen Keane
12/31/12 02:57:22PM @karen-keane:

Thanks so much Christopher for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed the music. The caverns are truly beautiful and I hope you get to visit them someday.

Christopher Mac Auliffe
12/31/12 02:10:44PM @christopher-mac-auliffe:

A beautiful piece of music, although I was never in the Blanchard Springs Caverns your music is truly evocative of a majestic and mysterious underground cavern.Smile.gif

Karen Keane
11/22/12 01:16:16PM @karen-keane:

Your a sweetie! Thanks for listening!

Karen Keane
09/16/12 04:39:52PM @karen-keane:

Hey Paula my Louisiana friend. I took a class from her in Irving, Texas last year and one from Linda Brockinton this summer. I learned a lot and I'm still learning. Holler if I can do anything!

09/16/12 10:51:11AM @paula-gautreau:
Karen - this song is beautiful! I am a beginner (from south Louisiana) and I am enjoying my dulcimer - I just received Sue Carpenters fingerpicking video to add dimension to my playing - anxious to get started!
Karen Keane
08/06/12 06:24:29PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Ian, that dulcimer is an all walnut McSpadden with a 26 VSL. I purchased it this summer and I just love it. The 26 VSL is great for smaller hands.

Thanks so much Patty, I had the same experience going through the Caverns at Blanchard Springs. I couldn't help imagining playing my dulcimer down there. The caverns were just amazing. It inspired me to write this song.