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Location: Reedsville, PA
Country: US

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My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains

Artist: Ken Longfield
Duration: 00:01:15

I am playing a mountain dulcimer I made based on the instruments of C.N. Prichard. The dulcimer has a butternut top and the rest is walnut with Wittner violin pegs. The tuning is somewhere around DAA.

Robin Thompson
04/25/21 12:02:35PM @robin-thompson:

Ken, your instrument is a beauty-- I really love the "upside down" hearts!  And it sounds as good as it looks!   

Dusty Turtle
04/24/21 09:52:12PM @dusty-turtle:

Elegant looking instrument, Ken, and very clear, crisp, playing.  Thanks!

Ken Longfield
04/24/21 08:29:39PM @ken-longfield:

Here is a photo of the instrument: 


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

IMG_4065.JPG  •  446KB