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@IRENE, 07/25/20 05:18:35PM
Dear Ken, I'n in the process of making a hourglass dulcimer for a client that I know will not just have it for a "wall hanger". I've been using the Chinese made banjo tuners for a while now and when they work good, I enjoy them. However, when they don't work....bummers. I'd like to use either Perfection Planetary geared pegs for Cello at $109.99 or Wittner geared Pegs at $128.99. I can order these at THE VIOLIN SHOP on line. I'm choosing the cello size ones because my dulcimers are 9 inches at the larger bout. I value your opinion and that is why I'm asking. aloha, irene SOMEDAY I'd like to make the kind of instrument you are holding
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@Carolebaker, 04/07/18 07:15:41AM
Hi Ken,
Did you announce a one-day MD workshop & concert, I think in April or May?
I got an email about it from Mary Sanders, but it has disappeared from my computer. I'd like to attend if possible. Or maybe I'm hallucinating again. I'm on FOTMD:
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@John W. McKinstry, 01/26/16 03:30:28PM
Hi Ken, If I remember you are one of the helpers on FOTMD to help us to know how to get around. I have two questions which perhaps you could help me with. One, how do I send a private message to one of my followers? Could you tell me the difference between the video category and the music category? Sorry I have to use the guestbook but I am not sure how to send a private message.