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This is my first Appalachian dulcimer without fiddle edges. It has a nice look, but I really do like fiddle edges. So I'll do one more without, and then I'll go back to 'em.
Mark Runge
01/02/16 03:17:38PM @mark-runge:

Thank y'all for the kind words. I do think that this instrument and her twin are just lovely in voice and looks, and I'm glad my hard work is paying off. 

All but four have been three strings because I just like three better and haven't been convinced four is better--unless your doing some chordal thing with four different strings. I watched Bill Taylor play a six string one he built, and the music was lovely. But I honestly get confused enough with three!

This next one I'm working on is black walnut and has fiddle edges. Here is a sneak preview of the top. I burned the image in the wood and painting it, then I sanded it back. Then I added two coats of shellac and sanded in between them. I'll hide the sound holes on this one too. 

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
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Lexie R Oakley
01/02/16 01:54:58PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Beautiful work Mark, and you are doing great playing your instruments for us.

Ken Backer
12/31/15 04:19:59PM @ken-backer:

That is one beautiful dulcimer, Mark.  And some nice playing on it as well.  I agree, I like fiddle edges.  My 2016 bring you many builds.

John Keane
12/30/15 10:35:47AM @john-keane:

Go Mark!  Hope to see you and Val soon!

Dusty Turtle
12/30/15 01:20:30AM @dusty-turtle:

I'm glad to hear you've been busy building, Mark.  That black walnut looks striking.  And I am partial to three-stringed dulcimers.  That's a beautiful build.

Helen Seiler
12/29/15 08:06:25PM @helen-seiler:

Great video Mark, good to see u again and hear you are still keeping busy building instruments.

Mark Runge
12/29/15 09:47:36AM @mark-runge:

Thank you, Robin. I really do love the arrangement that Stephen Seifert put together. He did a beginning, intermediate, and advanced one--this is the song that I've been habitually practicing for two years. I'm really feeling good about the intermediate, which means I should probably give the advanced a go. I just like building more than I like practicing!

It is the same, Patty. Thank you for that. I want my instruments to sound like a dulcimer and be pretty. 

Here is a picture of the next top with the holes in it. I space them so they go under the arches.


Thank y'all for watching the video!

Robin Thompson
12/29/15 08:24:22AM @robin-thompson:

You're getting good at playing The Range, Runge!  :)

Nice-looking and sounding!  

Patty from Virginia
12/28/15 08:59:23PM @patty-from-virginia:

That is nice!!! Is that the one I saw on FB with the sound holes underneath the fret board? It sure is pretty!