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Danse de l'Ours (Taisho Koto in A-Minor)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:09
Tuning: Melody strings in G, drone strings in A.
02/13/18 01:46:16PM @strumelia:

Peter, if you are ever so inclined, we'd love to hear about your latest (non-dulcimer) music adventures!- perhaps a post in this forum:

red drummer

Peter W.
02/13/18 07:24:26AM @peter-w:

Thank you all,
at the moment, mountain dulcimer etc. are not in the center of my musical focus. Anyway - nice to hear from you and thank you for your friendly feedback!
Enjoy today! nod

02/12/18 11:44:41PM @marg:

Very interesting, thanks for sharing


Dusty Turtle
02/12/18 09:52:19PM @dusty:

Cool instrument.  Cool tune.

02/12/18 07:14:12PM @strumelia:

Weirdly appealing.  surprised

Peter W.
10/04/15 05:31:39AM @peter-w:

Thank you, Christine! :)

Christine Shoemaker
10/03/15 04:42:42PM @christine-shoemaker:

Unusual and cool instrument Peter!  nod   Thanks for the education!

Peter W.
09/28/15 02:47:25AM @peter-w:

Glad you like it, Lexie and John. :)

The instrument is called "Taisho Koto" (and you can also find taishokoto, taishogoto, Nardan harp, Nagoya harp...).

John, there are 4 melody strings on this instrument: 3 plain steel strings in high g, and one wound string an octave lower. In recent time there used to be only the 3 high plain strings, but the the sound is a little softer with the additional deeper string. The sound of the instrument is a little "harsh" anyway, as "metal meets metal" when you press the typewriter keys down.

Then there are 1-2 drone strings (in this case two) that are not affected in any way by the typewriter levers.

You can find some detail photos here:

john p
09/28/15 12:11:23AM @john-p:

That was great Peter.

When you press a key how many strings get fretted ?

Lexie R Oakley
09/27/15 01:27:08PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice song Peter. What is this instrument called?

Peter W.
09/27/15 08:17:40AM @peter-w:

Sorry, I misspelled the French title. Should be "Danse de l'Ours". :)

Peter W.
09/27/15 06:25:01AM @peter-w:

Dance of the Bear. Also a medieval piece.