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Grief by Maria Calfa-DePaul

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:06:48
My dad passed away a little over 3 months ago. He would have been 94 last week. I miss both of my parents and I was very close to my mom growing up but having the extra 4 plus years with my dad after my mom passed was very special and we got to know each other so much more and spent an incredible amount of time together. Some good (watching the Met's play or sitting and talking on his porch at the table he made at 90) and some not so his hospital bed side. But even those moments I treasure because we were together. I miss him so much and wrote this song last week. Right before his birthday. I hope you like it. I hope you can relate if you have lost someone you love...
God bless
ps I'm not a piano player but it just came to me and for that I'm grateful!

some info: I used photos of the sunset from a recent trip to Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore. also: the ending song was written on my Sansula (kalimba) and is called "Prayer for Peace" and was written during and improvisation on another video from a few days ago.
I used my Zoom H5 to record the vocals and the piano. I also direct recorded the piano to the iPad in case I ever want to use it for future recordings. This recording was played live i one take using my Yamaha P125 keyboard. Thank you for watching.
10/03/19 05:07:14AM @ariane:

I am very sorry for your loss, Maria. This is a very touching song - thank you very much for sharing.

09/24/19 06:30:15AM @irene:

Maria, what a beautiful tribute to your loving folks.   Prayers come your way by your sharing with us.   Thank you.  Aloha to you and your family....the meaning of aloha is "may the love of the son of God be with you.....coming or going."  

aloha, irene

Steven Berger
09/23/19 10:25:03PM @steven-berger:

This is a lovely song, Maria. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can totally relate to this song...I'm the only one still alive from my family. Thank you for music and your lyrics...keep forging ahead!