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Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes on McSpadden Dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:06
#dulcimer #mountaindulcimer #spirestudio

This is a beautiful public domain song that was arranged by Beth Lassi and Nina Zanetti. The music can be found in their wonderful series of books. Tunes for Two or More. This one is from Vol 2.
I have all of them and they are fantastic
I used my Spire Studio to record the dulcimer which was plugged directly into the spire. You can hear the difference at the end of the video when I speak it was recorded by the iPhone camera and you can hear it picking up all the air conditioning noises ** as it's so hot and all acs in the neighborhood I running and the lawn mowers were going etc. I am so happy that my husband gave this to me for our 32 nd wedding anniversary earlier this month. I think it records really well. The video was put together in an app called Luma Fusion.
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Thanks so much and stay well!
08/05/20 11:27:40PM @sleepingangel:

John C. Knopf:

So lovely and peaceful!

THanks so much. I appreciate that. 

John C. Knopf
07/29/20 09:39:34PM @john-c-knopf:

So lovely and peaceful!

07/29/20 12:09:06PM @sleepingangel:

Steven Berger:

Beautiful duet, Maria, and happy anniversary! Here's to many more!martini martini

Thanks so much! glad you liked it and thanks for the anniversary wishes!! 

07/29/20 12:08:46PM @sleepingangel:



Thanks so very much!!

07/28/20 11:39:37PM @irene:


Steven Berger
07/28/20 05:22:52PM @steven-berger:

Beautiful duet, Maria, and happy anniversary! Here's to many more!martinimartini