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A Walk in the Muir Woods Cathedral

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Duration: 00:03:26
John Muir's words, photos and video from Muir Woods, accompanied by Steve Eulberg's tune, "Seton Sands" from his 2005 recording "I Celebrate Life!" www.owlmo ...
Steve Eulberg
04/12/11 01:15:01AM @steve-eulberg:
Thank you all for listening and watching so openly and thoughtfully! Steve
Steve Eulberg
04/10/11 09:14:34PM @steve-eulberg:
Thanks for your feedback/response, Dusty, Robin and Randy!
Dusty Turtle
04/09/11 05:44:06PM @dusty-turtle:

Unbelievably pretty music. You combine technical vituosity with with an emotional expressiveness that is remarkable. I used to hike Muir Woods often when I lived in the Bay Area and it is indeed a special place. But your music does not need the profound images and words to inspire. I cannot express how beautiful your playing is.

Robin Clark
04/09/11 03:31:40AM @robin-clark:


That is a beautiful a/v experience. Wonderful playing. Very inspirational.

Randy Adams
04/08/11 11:27:41PM @randy-adams:
I can't get over how beautiful this playing is. Has difficult technique yeah....but it's subservient to expression of the melody. 44 seconds in....prettiest 3 notes that have ever graced my audial space.