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Musical Advent/Christmas Calendar -(online)

Musical Advent/Christmas Calendar -(online)

Sunday December 1 2019, 5:00 AM
@ Online
Attendees:  @Robin Thompson@Gordon Hardy@Ken Longfield@Glenda Hubbard@JenniferC@Salt Springs@Jud Barry

Musical Advent/Christmas Calendar 2019


This is the shareable link to the Musical Advent/Christmas Calendar:


It will be posted here daily for you to open one door after the by day...until New Year's Eve and most probably in addition until Three Kings Day!


Please find following the shareable link to the additional calendar for January 1-6, 2020:



Short story:

September 19: My initial post asking if there will be participants for this international project who would like to record an Advent/Christmas tune (preferably with dulcimers).

September 21: What a great feedback! Already 15 musicians like to take part.

September 24: Wow! 27! Which means prolongation of the calendar until New Year's Eve.

September 27: Incredible! 32! So, an additional calendar from January 1-6, 2020 (Three Kings Day)?


Just for fun I posted a map from the USA where all the home states of the participants were colored in - impressing! All the other participants come from the UK and Germany.


And here they are in alphabetic order:


Steve Battarbee

Cindy Barbee (Kate Humphreys, Roxanne Palmer) (“Heartstrings Dulcimer Trio”)

(Cynthia Beale O’Brien)

George Beamer

Judy Beuter

Molly Caskey

Jennifer Bonneau Chadwick

Scott Conner

John Crocker

Banjo Dai

Rainer Dohmen

Martha Einan & group

Steve Eulberg

Jim Fawcett

Bob Gerard

Mark Gilston

Deborah Hamouris & John Brownson (“The DulciMates”)

Gordon Hardy

Holger Hinz

Cheryl James

Karen Keeton Palmer

Ariane Klauer

Erin Mae Lewis

Belinda Emily Link

Frances Light Molinengo

Kenneth Longfield

Mary Ellen Eye Lounsbery

Sami Osler & Doug

Sandi Padilla

Dean Robinson

Elaine Robinson

Laura Saunders

Chris Shoemaker

Janice Stegall-seibert

Terry Strickland Farnsworth

Eliane Teyssier (Vivaldis: Eliane, Fran, Rosemary, Sandi)

Robin Thompson Mark Thompson

Nina Zanetti



01/08/20 06:28:55AM @ariane:

Thank you ALL very much for your very kind comments grphug

Alan Thompson
01/07/20 08:16:41AM @alan-thompson:

Many thanks to you Ariane for posting the calendars it was a great thing to do and I have just loved opening the doors each day. I would like to give a big thank you to all of the players who took part. I hope that this becomes a tradition that we can look forward to each year.

Happy New Year all


01/06/20 10:16:32PM @irene:

I have just loved these....thank you all for playing and singing and giving us cheer. Ariane, you have blessed many souls.   God Bless you for your vision of this and I hope you do this again next year.   aloha, irene

Robin Thompson
01/06/20 06:12:53PM @robin-thompson:

Still, Still, Still was beautifully played!

Thank you for doing this work for all of us to enjoy, Ariane!  

P.S.- @Cynthia-Wigington It's good to "see" you!   

Gordon Hardy
01/06/20 12:39:39PM @gordon-hardy:

You've done great work with these calendars, Ariane. What a tremendous way of sharing!! Thank you.grphug

Cynthia Wigington
01/06/20 11:15:58AM @cynthia-wigington:

You are unbelievable...if you love doing this, you should keep it up, even missing days you're not in the mood to keep it fresh. Start in again any day and let it be spontaneous. I'll never miss this again if you do it again. 

Dusty Turtle
01/06/20 10:36:11AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for putting this all together, Ariane. flower  What a treat it has been!

Ken Longfield
01/06/20 09:06:49AM @ken-longfield:

Thank you for the calendars, Ariane. I will miss waking in the morning and opening the new door. It was fun listening to all the different selections.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

01/06/20 08:12:13AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Cynthia - great to hear from you again joyjoy

The links to both calendars work for the next half year so that you can open all the doors and can listen to the music.

Cynthia Wigington
01/06/20 08:03:58AM @cynthia-wigington:

Gosh Ariane this is amazing. I'm so sorry I only caught the tail end. Can't we watch all of them? are really something else.

01/06/20 08:01:58AM @ariane:


Today our "Musical Advent/Christmas Calendar" project is ending with the last little door.
(It will be strange for me tomorrow morning to not post the calendar any more after 5 weeks of doing so.  🙃 )
I would like to thank all who have daily opened the little doors and were enjoying the wonderful Christmas music of the 37 participants...and would like to also thank all the others for their patience to "bear" the daily posting of the calendar.(It must have been like "Groundhog Day" for you  🤩 )

01/06/20 04:45:01AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door # 6 of the additional

"Musical Christmas Calendar - New Year - Three Kings Day 2020"

Robin Thompson
01/05/20 08:55:12AM @robin-thompson:

What a fun kick-off tune to Winter (which hasn't really hit here in Ohio yet) to finish out the calendar!  The mix of instruments was just right!  

Robin Thompson
01/05/20 08:48:30AM @robin-thompson:

Oh, that is such a pretty melody behind door #4 done by Erin Mae and her friend!  

Jim Fawcett
01/05/20 06:52:47AM @jim-fawcett:

Love it. Love it. Love it.

01/05/20 04:53:15AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door # 5 of the additional

"Musical Christmas Calendar - New Year - Three Kings Day 2020"

01/04/20 04:06:59AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door # 4 of the additional

"Musical Christmas Calendar - New Year - Three Kings Day 2020"

Robin Thompson
01/03/20 11:41:55AM @robin-thompson:

What a wonderful tune and such a pretty snowfall!  

Jim Fawcett
01/03/20 06:51:04AM @jim-fawcett:

Thank you Robin.

01/03/20 04:17:06AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door # 3 of the additional

"Musical Christmas Calendar - New Year - Three Kings Day 2020"