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Roisin the Beau

Artist: Ariane
Genre: Irish Traditional
Duration: 00:02:50

I played this Irish Traditional with my Mountain Dulcimer according to the arrangement of Dusty Thorburn - in the 2nd round I added a 2nd voice with my Tenor Ukulele...hope you enjoy!

08/11/18 01:15:58PM @ariane:

Jim Phillips:


Beautiful job!  Thtere is nothing as good as An Irish Traditional tune played

aswell as you do!

Do you ever play "The Salley Garden"?

Jim at GCreek

Jim, yes I used to play "Sally Gardens" with my high and low D whistle together with my duo partner on his celtic harp and with the band I played in (the other members playing concertina, flute (and lovely singer), guitar, contrabass, bodhràn) - this is such a beautiful tune!

I would like to let you know that I liked your comment on this Audio so much that I took the liberty of using part of it as a quote for the end title of the youtube video I made recently of "Rosin the Beau". sun

08/11/18 01:02:36PM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Bobby, for your kind comment!

Slate Creek Dulcimers
08/11/18 11:00:00AM @slate-creek-dulcimers:


08/11/18 04:31:02AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Jan, for your kind comment. I would love to hear your playing along -  perhaps you would like to record a track together with mine and upload it here? nod

Jan Potts
08/10/18 09:42:56PM @jan-potts:

Ariane, this is a great rendition of one of my favorite tunes!  I enjoyed playing along and adding even more layers of harmony.  You play at a steady speed which makes it easy to join in and stay on the beat.  I like this very much!

07/13/18 06:18:12AM @ariane:

Thanks for listening, Jennifer and Robin, and for your kind comments.

Robin Thompson
07/12/18 06:47:27PM @robin-thompson:

So lovely, Ariane.  

07/12/18 08:29:36AM @jenniferc:

Very nice,  Ariane!

07/12/18 04:24:46AM @ariane:

Thank you very much for your kind comment, Marg.

07/12/18 12:07:38AM @marg:

Very nice

07/11/18 07:06:14AM @ariane:

Many many thanks to everybody who made such kind comments - Gordon, Dean, Richard, Jim, Dusty, Jim, Benjamin, Marc, Jeffrey and Gail - it made me very happy! flower

Gail Webber
07/10/18 02:54:19PM @gail-webber:

That was very nice - I love the way you play it - not rushed as it sometimes is! The 2nd round with the uke is nice, too.

jeffrey charles foster
07/10/18 08:10:24AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Ariane I was trying to play along with you on this song some of the notes I hit with the Noter but still need a lot of practice.


Benjamin W Barr Jr
07/09/18 09:54:15AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:


Jim Phillips
07/09/18 09:01:29AM @jim-at-gcreek:


Beautiful job!  Thtere is nothing as good as An Irish Traditional tune played

aswell as you do!

Do you ever play "The Salley Garden"?

Jim at GCreek

Dusty Turtle
07/09/18 02:43:41AM @dusty-turtle:

I love what that ukulele adds!  Nice work!  

07/08/18 11:58:50PM @jp:

wow ... my old duo played it much faster.... but you played it proper... the way it should be played kind of melancholy very proper indeed. come to think of it everyone plays it to fast...




Richard Streib
07/07/18 12:18:44PM @richard-streib:

Ariane, What a beautiful rendition and so well played. Thanks for sharing.

07/07/18 10:49:10AM @elvensong:

What a wonderful duet with one of my favorite musicians...YOU! Very nicely done, Ariane.



Gordon Hardy
07/07/18 10:38:37AM @gordon-hardy:

Ariane, this tune and its many variations has long been a favorite of mine. You do it so beautifully. Thank you for sharing.