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A la Puerta del Cielo (Basque lullaby)_15-07-2018

Artist: Ariane
Genre: Lullaby
Duration: 00:03:46

I played this Basque lullaby with my Mountain Dulcimer according to the arrangement of Dusty Thorburn adding some Ukulele and Glockenspiel as well as two sung verses. This lullaby is said to be from the 16th century and is most probably brought to New Mexico with Basque migrants coming with the Spanish explorers. If you are interested in the lyrics - here they are: 1. A la puerta del cielo vendan zapatos Para los angelitos que andan descalzos. Duermete, niño, Duermete, niño, Duermete, niño, arru, arru 2. A los niños que duerman Dios benedice A las madres que velan Dios las asiste. Duermete, niño, Duermete, niño, Duermete, niño, arru, arru Translation: 1. At the gate of heaven little shoes are sold For the little angles who are going barefoot Slumber my baby, slumber my baby Slumber my baby, arru, arru 2. God will bless children who are sleeping God will help mothers who are waking Slumber my baby, slumber my baby Slumber my baby, arru, arru

07/18/18 04:23:19AM @ariane:

Dusty - since I wonder too, I thought that there must be a kind of Basque music archive and found the homepage of Eresbil. I emailed them concerning the original Basque text - if they are not the right addressee perhaps they could give me a better one. I will let you know per private message...cooldance

07/18/18 04:14:49AM @ariane:

I am so pleased to read your kind comments, Robin, Monica and Val! 


Dusty Turtle
07/17/18 06:14:57PM @dusty-turtle:

Ariane: Dusty - I am looking forward to your book of lullabies - will there also be lyrics to the tunes? 

Hi Ariane, yes, I will have original and English lyrics for all the tunes in the book.  The arrangements are all pretty straightforward, but I'm working on an appendix on how to add simple enhancements to make the tunes your own. You obviously are already doing that very well!

And thanks for the link to Alliance Music.  I have since found a couple of other online sources that refer to Basque origins of the tune. It makes me wonder if there were originally Basque lyrics, and if so, whether they can be found anywhere.

07/17/18 04:04:56PM @macaodha:

Very very nice Ariane.

07/17/18 03:58:17PM @monica:

very nice and lovely singing!

Robin Thompson
07/17/18 03:04:01PM @robin-thompson:

How lovely, Ariane! 

07/17/18 01:30:30PM @ariane:

Dusty - I am looking forward to your book of lullabies - will there also be lyrics to the tunes?

07/17/18 01:28:36PM @ariane:

Thank you, Bob and Dean, for your very kind comments. flower

07/17/18 01:26:56PM @ariane:

Thank you so much, Dusty, for your very kind comment.

While searching for the lyrics of this beautiful lullaby I came across the following link providing some information:

Thank you for your beautiful mountain dulcimer arrangements!

07/17/18 12:22:33PM @elvensong:

Oh my! What a beautiful arrangement! Dusty should hire you to promote his book of lullabies.  winker


07/16/18 09:42:22PM @bob:


Dusty Turtle
07/16/18 07:31:45PM @dusty-turtle:

Ariane, I'm so glad you are making good use of my tablature.  And you add so much to this arrangement.  I just love the glockenspiel!  You also sing with such patience and kindness, just the way a wee one would want it!

This is one of the first tunes I collected for what is becoming my first book of tablature: Lullabies from Around the World arranged for the mountain dulcimer.  I have over 20 tunes so far and hope to complete it sometimes next month. Can I ask where you learned this tune was Basque in origin?  I know it originated in Europe, but since the lyrics are in Castilian Spanish rather than Basque, I assumed the tune to be of Spanish origin.