Location: Reichelsheim
Country: Germany

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Suo Gan

Artist: Ginger AnnGrey, Dora71, Ariane
Genre: Traditional
Duration: 00:01:57

"Suo Gan" - a Welsh traditional lullaby arranged by Jessica Comeau - is our 3rd recording on our 1st dulcimer meeting in Reichelsheim/Hesse on June 22, 2019. We would be happy if you enjoyed it... (Best listened to it with headphones!) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Musicians/Instruments: Ginger AnnGrey - Clemmer Mountain Dulcimer, Rainer Dohmen - Dulcimus Mountain Dulcimer, Ariane Klauer - Sweet Woods Instruments Student Mountain Dulcimer

09/04/19 05:46:02PM @ariane:

Thank you very much Dean and Marlene - so happy that you like it : )

Marlene Powell
09/04/19 12:23:58PM @marlene-powell:

this is quite beautiful.  

07/04/19 01:11:24PM @elvensong:

More collaborators! You certainly nailed this three song set. The group sounds tight and like you're having a wonderful time!


07/01/19 05:32:58AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Salt - we are very happy that you like it    : )

Salt Springs
06/29/19 07:52:54PM @salt-springs:


06/29/19 08:31:16AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Irene, for your very kind comment.

We were three playing together. This tune was new for me and I really love it. After having heard the recording I must admit that it was a liiittle bit too vivid for a lullaby : )


06/29/19 08:28:59AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Steven, Robin, Bob, for your very kind comments - we are very happy that you like it : )

06/29/19 12:42:38AM @irene:

That was super great....and before I went to bed, came on site to hear "just one tune before going to bed...."   Well, this is more of a "waker-upper" then a lullaby and I loved it.   Now, I'll stay up and hear some more good stuff like this.  How many played this with you?   aloha, irene

06/28/19 10:08:46PM @bob:

You're so talented! I remember first hearing this tune in the film "Empire of the Sun" and have loved it since then. Great job :-)


Robin Thompson
06/28/19 09:28:56PM @robin-thompson:

Ariane, it certainly sounds as though your first dulcimer meeting was a rousing success.  You all have a good chemistry as a group! 

Steven Berger
06/28/19 12:54:26PM @steven-berger:

You all sound wonderful!