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I like the flowers - canon

I like the flowers - canon

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Here is another spring song - there must be a way to lure him : ) - no, I had to upload the canon because I just discovered how to create a stereo/room effect out of mono recordings in my DAW (which I have since Christmas) - I am learning step by step how to use it...and this was a big step for me : ) I hope you like it...
04/17/18 06:13:16AM @ariane:

@Terry, I am very happy to read your kind comment pimento

Terry Wilson
04/16/18 02:15:34PM @terry-wilson:

Ariane, I was not familiar with this lovely tune, but I am now.  This is a "must" learn to play..

Thanks for the tune.

04/10/18 01:35:33PM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Elvensong, for your kind comment. I am using Studio One (since last Christmas) - and am making my first little steps concerning recordings.

04/10/18 11:21:33AM @elvensong:

Very sweet tune! You're getting a great sound on your recording too. Are you using Logic as your DAW?

03/26/18 04:20:03AM @ariane:

Robin and Jim - many thanks for your kind comments. flower

Robin Thompson
03/25/18 11:55:16AM @robin-thompson:

What a wonderful tune, Ariane, wonderfully played! 

Jim Fawcett
03/24/18 06:12:03AM @jim-fawcett:

A nice toe tapper. Well done.