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Zwei kleine Wölfe

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:24
"Zwei kleine Wölfe" is a children's tune which my daughter learned in the children's choir a long time ago - we always loved to sing it.

Please find following my corresponding translation to the verses:

Two little wolves are walking in the night and dark.
One is saying to the other:
"Why do we only walk around in the night?
One can hurt his paws at the roots.
If it was only already dawn.
If only the forest was lighted by the starlight."

Two thick toads are meeting for hiking.
One says sadly to the other:
"I have eaten too much, man, I am so lame.
Now you cannot see how high I can jump.
If I was not so full.
I would be as fast as a grizzly bear."

Two green birds are flying to the South.
They are not flying too fast so that they do not get tired.
Because both birds do not want to fall from the sky.
It would surely be loud and would make a big bang.
If it was not so far.
Then the whole route would only be half as difficult.

Two thin worms are crawling through the grass.
Then one says: "I'll tell you something!
Why do we only crawl through the mud?
I am always slipping and that is really bad.
If I was only bigger.
Oh, if I was a firefly with wings."

Two little elephants are looking at their bumps.
One says to the other: "I could just cry!
I am really sick of my bad eyes.
I bump my trunk everywhere.
If they were only better.
I could see the waterhole from a distance."

Two little bears are sitting around in a hollow.
One is prodding the other and he only is nodding.
"Why do we have to be inside in the winter time?
We could jump over hedge and ditch outside.
If it was only spring time.
And the air would smell of bee honey and it would be warmer."

I would be happy if you liked it...

(Best enjoyed with headphones!)


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10/11/18 07:18:06AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Charles, for your kind comment!

Charles Thomas
10/07/18 07:34:47PM @charles-thomas:

That was so much fun!! Thanks for posting this!

10/05/18 05:30:06AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Dean! Normally I would have sung with the little visitors the other day smiler

But some years ago I played guitar and sang with the children in two kindergartens once a week for around one year - that was so much fun! 


10/05/18 12:02:31AM @elvensong:

Wonderful song Ariane! What a great mix of instruments to mimic the animals. Did you play this for your young visitors the other day?

10/04/18 01:41:46PM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Jennifer and Ron, for your kind comments - I am very pleased to read them.

Ron Zuckerman
10/04/18 12:48:54PM @ron-zuckerman:

That was a really fun song. I enjoyed it a lot.

10/04/18 09:24:38AM @jenniferc:

This is great,  Ariane! Enjoyed it very much! 

10/04/18 05:24:42AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Salt - I was very moved to read about your grandmother and your childhood memories - thank you very much for sharing them.

10/04/18 05:20:43AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Terry - I am so happy to read your kind comment.

Salt Springs
10/04/18 12:58:22AM @salt-springs:

Wow!  That took me back to those days when my Grandmother used to sing songs such as that....she came to the US after the war and although the memories of all the sorrow she lived with (she was a nurse in WW I, driving a horse and wagon on the battlefields) often overwhelmed her, she would occasionally teach us some of those sorts of silly little tunes. Then we would get to hear her read Struwwellpeter, much to our has been well over 60 years since those days.........remember Hoppe, Hoppe Reiter and Backe, Backe Kuchen?  Thanks for stirring up some thoughts from long ago.

Terry Wilson
10/03/18 09:47:26PM @terry-wilson:

I sure like a children's song, especially one as beautiful as this one.  I love it.  I love it in German.

Thanks for the translation. 

10/03/18 06:53:29AM @ariane:

I am not sure if I you like a children's song - and as well in German - but I will take the plunge. grin

I added a corresponding translation so that you can understand what this little fun song is about. 

I hope you enjoy it...jive