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Worth a Try

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:25
Some days ago this melody emerged from playing a little bit around on my dulcimer and I thought that it is "Worth a Try" to make a whole composition out of it.
I called this tune "Worth a Try" - as a reminder for me to always realize that one should never give up and should always try for the better. : )

I would be happy if you enjoyed it...

(Best listened to it with headphones!)


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Sweet Woods Instruments Student Mountain Dulcimer
Kala Tenor Ukulele
HOKEMA Sansula Basic Melody

02/15/19 05:46:02AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Jim - this means a lot from a very talented gentleman smile

02/12/19 11:55:23AM @jp:

very nice you are a talented lady. grin

02/01/19 09:45:36AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Ken - I am happy that you like it.

Ken Longfield
01/31/19 01:22:34PM @ken-longfield:

Very nice, Ariane. You did a wonderful job. It was not only Worth a Try, but also worth watching and listening.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

01/31/19 06:01:51AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Marc, for your kind comment.

I have never heard of a Stoessel Lute - looks "uncommon" with this very short fretboard. Did you buy it and if so how do you like it?

Marc Mathieu
01/28/19 04:49:34PM @marc-mathieu:

Hi Ariane, what a wonderful composition! Beautifully arranged & performed with all those instruments. My brother & I spent some time in Hattingen, Germany last October and came across an old Stoessel Lute in a music shop. Seems it was quite common in the early 1900's but later lost popularity. Are you familiar with this instrument ?


Stoessel lute.jpg
Stoessel lute.jpg  •  100KB

01/28/19 03:41:41AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Gordon, for your kind comment - I am happy that you like it. 

01/22/19 10:19:52AM @ariane:

Thank you very much for your kind comment, Kjb - I am very happy that you like it.

I am looking forward to your recordings.

01/21/19 03:19:44PM @kjb:

I really enjoyed this, especially since I play ukulele. I’m new to the mountain dulcimer and have been thinking of recording tunes with uke, mandolin and md.

01/21/19 11:57:42AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Steven, Kevin and Dusty, for your very kind comments. I am very happy to read them. smile

Gordon Hardy
01/21/19 11:39:00AM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you for sharing this Ariane. It is indeed a lovely melody.

Dusty Turtle
01/21/19 11:07:23AM @dusty-turtle:

That's a really compelling melody you've come up with, Ariane. Nice job!

Kevin R.
01/21/19 09:17:27AM @kevin-r:

Very beautiful, Ariane. You always do such a great job. I love your music.

Steven Berger
01/21/19 08:43:24AM @steven-berger:

Nice tune with a good mix of instruments, Ariane!