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"Am Weihnachtsbaume die Lichter brennen"

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:29
Ein Weihnachtslied aus dem frühen 19. Jahrhundert


Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen,
Wie glänzt er festlich, lieb und mild,
Als spräch’ er: wollt in mir erkennen
Getreuer Hoffnung stilles Bild.

Die Kinder stehn mit hellen Blicken,
Das Auge lacht, es lacht das Herz;
O fröhlich’, seliges Entzücken!
Die Alten schauen himmelwärts.

Zwei Engel sind hereingetreten,
Kein Auge hat sie kommen sehn,
Sie gehn zum Weihnachtstisch und beten,
Und wenden wieder sich und gehn:

„Gesegnet seid ihr alten Leute,
Gesegnet sei du kleine Schaar!
Wir bringen Gottes Segen heute
Dem braunen, wie dem weißen Haar.

Zu guten Menschen, die sich lieben,
Schickt uns der Herr als Boten aus,
Und seid Ihr treu und fromm geblieben,
Wir treten wieder in dies Haus!“ –

Kein Ohr hat ihren Spruch vernommen,
Unsichtbar jedes Menschen Blick,
Sind sie gegangen, wie gekommen,
Doch Gottes Segen blieb zurück!
12/20/19 05:08:46AM @ariane:

@Salt-Springs - Aww...Salt, it was so moving to read your lovely childhood memories - thank you very much for sharing them bighug

Salt Springs
12/19/19 01:55:09PM @salt-springs:

I haven't heard this carol in over 60 years!  On Christmas Eve we would light the tree after decorating lot's of Stollen and when the folks were not watching, find the Ansbach Filled Chocolates Alfred would send from Dusseldorf and swipe a few.  My Roman Catholic cousins would go to midnight mass and us old Lutheran types would bemoan the fact that there was not an Evangelische Kirche anywhere to be found. (Well, we didn't bemoan too much.)  Then it was off to bed and wait for Saint Nick or Krampus....we were told you could never be too sure which one was coming, Ha!  Good Memories thanks for this clip

12/19/19 10:51:08AM @ariane:

Sending you merry Advent greetings with the Christmas carol "Am Weihnachtsbaume die Lichter brennen".

If you are interested please find following the English translation of the verses:

On the Christmas tree the lights are on

On the Christmas tree the lights are on

How it glows festive, lovely and mild

As if it were saying: "See in me

The silent picture of faithful hope!"


The children stand with bright glances

The eye laughs, the heart as well

Oh cheerfully blessed delight!

The old look heavenwards.


Two angels came in

Nobody has seen them coming

They go the Christmas table and pray

And then turn around and leave


"Blessed be, you old people,

Blessed be this small bevy!

We bring you God's bessing today

To those with brown as well as gray hair.


To good people who love each other

God sends us as messengers

And when you stayed faithful and pious

We will come to this house again."


No ear has heard their saying

Invisible for the human beings

They are gone like they came

But God's blessing stays