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Komm. lieber Mai / Come, Dear May

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:26
"Komm, lieber Mai" is a well known traditional folk song (original text: Christian Adolph Overbeck, music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) and is my contribution to Steve's May song series.

I will be posting the recording together with my mountain dulcimer arrangement in the relevant dulcimer facebook groups and forums.

Please find following the German song text as well as the translation to English:

Komm, lieber Mai, und mache
die Bäume wieder grün,
und laß uns an dem Bache
die kleine Veilchen blühn!
Wie möchten wir so gerne
ein Blümchen wieder sehn
ach, lieber Mai, wie gerne
einmal spazieren gehn!

Zwar Wintertage haben
wohl auch der Freuden viel,
man kann im Schnee eins traben
und treibt manch Abendspiel;
baut Häuserchen von Karten,
spielt Blindekuh und Pfand,
auch gibts wohl Schlittenfahrten
aufs liebe freie Land.

Doch wenn die Vöglein singen,
und wir dann froh und flink,
auf grünem Rasen springen,
das ist ein ander Ding!
Jetzt muss mein Steckenpferdchen
dort in dem Winkel stehn,
denn draußen in dem Gärtchen
kann man vor Schmutz nich gehn.

Ach, wenn doch erst gelinder
und grüner draußen wär!
Komm, lieber Mai, wir Kinder,
wir bitten gar zu sehr!
O komm und bring vor allem
uns viele Veilchen mit,
Bring auch viel Nachtigallen
und schöne Kuckucks mit!
Come, dear May, and make
The trees green again,
And let the little violets
Blossom by the brook!
How we'd like to see
A little flower again,
Oh, dear May, how we'd like
To even go for a walk.

It's true that winter days
Bring many delights too,
We can trot in the snow
And play some evening games;
Build little houses of cards,
Play blind man's bluff and forfeit,
There are sleigh races
On the good open land.

But when the little birds sing,
And we happily and quickly
Jump on the green grass,
That's another thing!
Now, my little stick horse
Has to stay there in the corner
Because we can't go outside
In the garden because of the dirt.

Oh, if only it were more mild
And green outside!
Come, dear May, we children,
We perhaps ask too much!
Oh, come and bring for all of us
Lots of little violets,
Bring also lots of nightingales
And beautiful cuckoos!


I would be happy if you enjoyed it...

(Best listened to it with headphones!)







Sweet Woods Instruments student mountain dulcimer
Kala tenor ukulele
Rick Long soprano bowed psaltery


picture: pixabay

Steven Berger
05/14/20 03:19:17PM @steven-berger:

I really enjoyed this, Ariane!

05/14/20 08:29:56AM @ariane:

Do you feel like playing a May song?

Please find following the link to my website where you can download my mountain dulcimer arrangement of

"Komm, lieber Mai" (Come, Dear May)