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Location: Clarksdale, Mississippi, and Daylesford, Victoria
Country: USA and Australia

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The Holy Moly Drug Store - July 22, 2015

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:21
Adrian Kosky, Carla Maxwell, and Walter Jackson are The Holy Moly Drug Store entertainment. Adrian is playing the electric guitar. Carla is playing the mountain dulcimer, and Walter is drumming on whatever he finds behind the counter at the soda fountain.
Carla Maxwell
07/24/15 11:45:03PM @carla-maxwell:

  @Lexie-R-Oakley  If you're ever in Clarksdale, Mississippi..... Please stop in! There will be music! bigsmile

  @Strumelia  Laugh  


Lexie R Oakley
07/24/15 02:50:39PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Would love to be having a soda at your "Drug Store" and listen to music.

Very nice.

07/23/15 07:33:01PM @strumelia:

I like how the two hanging lamps seem to be moving and grooving to this too.