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I am new to music and the mountain dulcimer is my first instrument to learn to play.

I am fortunate to be on this site and meet up with the fabulous folks who are all very willing to share their knowledge of playing the MD. I fell in love with the sound of the MD and love playing noter/drone style. I also enjoy the history of the mountain dulcimer and learning about the early builders.

Early on I decided to choose 2 luthiers from our site to build my mountain dulcimers, I feel fortunate to have been able to buy my 2 "Dream Dulcimers", sense these instruments are barely known in the area where I live.

I am enjoying my "Dulci-Journey" and wish you all Happy Strumming!wasntme


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Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 days ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "What Are You Working On?":
"Very Sweet Cindy! Your brother will cherish this."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 days ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Wartz 'n' All Spring Gathering:
"Nice tribute to our friend. We shall always remember Oliver, thanks Wartz n All folks!  Great pictures, looks like you all spiced it up with other..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 days ago • comments: 6
Posted a new Comment on In The Morning, Very Early:
"Great to see you working with young people, really enjoyed it John."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 days ago • comments: 8
Posted a new Comment on Kennedy Barn String Band:
"Nice Rob, fun that you are in a string band."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 5 days ago • comments: 8
Posted a new Comment on Pretty Betty Martin, my arrangement:
"Wonderful playing and porch swing Mark. Have a great break!"
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 5 days ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Two, Lil' Fillies:
"Just back with working with Tiny horse & Alysha got Tiny all brushed, got to go slow with the two cause Alysha was kicked awhile ago. They both did so..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 5 days ago • comments: 1
Posted a new Comment on Sourwood Mountain and Lonesome Road Blues:
"High steppin' stomppin' songs Mark, what fun!"
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 6 days ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Two, Lil' Fillies:
"Lisa, she is almost as tall as I, just a couple more inches. She is my cutie for sure!"
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • one week ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "The technician and the artist":
"I am sorry your hand is in pain Val. I know I depend on both mine and when my left hand is buggered I don't play well. Most of the winter I haven't been..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • one week ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on Farther Along:
"Nice Caleb. Do you have an electric dulcimer?  "
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • one week ago • comments: 28
Posted a new Comment on Three-Legged Skunk -- original composition:
"Wow, Dusty what a fun song....Love It!   Play it again Dusty, Yah!"
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • one week ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Two, Lil' Fillies:
"My Girly's 10'th birthday! She got tack and a rebuilt saddle for her foal who we are training. She was a very happy girl and I can't wait to see her ride. "
Lexie R Oakley
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 weeks ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Blizzard in Northeast/March 14th 2017":
"Wow you got hit with white stuff! Stay warm and safe friends, enjoy your hot chocolate, playing your dulcimers around a nice fire. Thinking of you! "
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 weeks ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "The Positive Thread...":
"That's wonderful for you Cynthia, I am happy you are feeling well enough to go for walks in the moon light. Bless your heart. "
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 weeks ago • comments: 15
Posted a new Comment on Loch Lomond on a Soprano Dulcimer:
"Very nice Jan, love hearing you finger pick your soprano dulcimer."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 weeks ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "What's your favorite FOTMD smiley?":
" This is the one I like for the FOTMD Family! "
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 weeks ago • comments: 10
Posted a new Comment on The Last Lonely Leaf:
"Touching song Noah! Well done!"
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 weeks ago • comments: 13
Posted a new Comment on Blackest Crow - with vocal:
"You have a lovely voice, really beautiful Bob!"
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 weeks ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "What's your favorite FOTMD smiley?":
"His name is Smiley, he is my favorite FOTMD Smiley cause he loves to sing to your songs."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 4 weeks ago • comments: 11
Posted a new Comment on The Cuckoo - penny whistle:
"Beautiful Lisa, you did great keep them coming."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 4 weeks ago • comments: 8
Posted a new Comment on Daddy My Dear, original song:
"Oh Mary, this is beautiful! It speaks to my heart and I miss my Daddy every day. "
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • one month ago • comments: 4
Posted a new Comment on NeedleCase - fiddle and dulcimer :
"Great playing Mark, couldn't sit still!  "
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • one month ago • comments: 9
Posted a new Comment on Over the Waterfall:
"Wow, Robert that is a beauty and sounds really good."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • one month ago • comments: 14
Posted a new Comment on Jesus Won't You Come By Here?:
"Thanks John it is beautiful!  I like how you play and sing at the same time."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 months ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on The Spirit Inside 12 String Guitar & NA Flutes:
"Just very lovely Maria! This must be my favorite you have played. "
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 months ago • comments: 15
Posted a new Comment on Down in the Valley to Pray:
"Wow, such beautiful harmonizing. Sounds so much like my father, I grew up with him singing in quartets. I very much enjoyed this hymn."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 months ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on Minuet in G Major:
"Very nice Randy."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 months ago • comments: 35
Posted a new Comment on @christine-shoemaker:
"Fantastic Chris, oh Smiles watched love seeing your dogs and got excited seeing them fetch! Fun tribute to our Smiley Friend Chris, so enjoyed it!  Smiley..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 months ago • comments: 35
Posted a new Comment on @christine-shoemaker:
"I am touched that you are moved and want to honor Smiley Friend, wish you could meet him. I look forward to your creative songs. Smiley truly saved me,..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 months ago • comments: 10
Posted a new Comment on Harvest Home:
"Very beautifully played, it is wonderful you get to take lessons from Mark. I haven't anyone in my area in MT who knows of or plays MD, but I just enjoy..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 2 months ago • comments: 10
Posted a new Comment on A plane to Albany !:
"Lovely, so beautiful and I enjoyed your technique."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 months ago • comments: 35
Posted a new Comment on @christine-shoemaker:
"     Chris, I appreciate that you are writing songs about Smiley, I am touched!   Maybe these pictures might help with your video. Thanks so much for..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 months ago • comments: 308
Posted a new Comment on @cynthia-wigington:
"Darci got me arthritis glove, they have helped calm my hands, but they have not been feeling too good this winter. So, like always I play for shot times and..."
Lexie R Oakley
@lexie-r-oakley • 3 months ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Walnut and western maple:
"Purdy un Caleb!"

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Cindy Stammich
03/25/17 10:33:24PM @cindy-stammich:

Lexie - Alysha looks SOOO happy!  She is growing up so fast! 

Horses are wonderful - another of my loves for sure! 

Christine Shoemaker
01/24/17 10:00:55AM @christine-shoemaker:

I am so relieved to hear that you're okay, Lexie...whew!  Thank goodness for your farmer's snowsuit and Smiley.  I'm very happy that he liked his video!!!  I was hoping that watching Bea play would get his attention...sounds like it worked.  Yay!  Funny that Toffee wouldn't play with Bea and me but then decided she wanted her toys just as I started talking to Smiley.  I couldn't help but to laugh!  Hey, thank you so much for subscribing to my YouTube channel!  That is so kind of you and very much appreciated!  HUG  A couple more subscribers and I can get my own URL with them, which will make things much easier for me.  Again, yay!  Anyway...snowsuit or not, please be careful out there, okay?  Thank you!  

Thank you Strumelia and Benjamin!!!  grphug(I didn't know anyone else could see that. Lol!)     

01/22/17 10:06:05PM @strumelia:

Oh my....that is so awesome!  Awesomeness from Smiley, Lexie, Christine, and Beatrix!   toivo   inlove

Benjamin W Barr Jr
01/22/17 09:44:15PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

That is just too darn sweet.

Christine Shoemaker
01/22/17 09:14:43PM @christine-shoemaker:

Hmm...never mind the copy and paste.  After I hit "post" - it magically appeared.  Sometimes I think I'll never get the hang of this stuff!  Lol!!!

Christine Shoemaker
01/22/17 09:12:24PM @christine-shoemaker:

Oh no Lexie!  -20 and you fell then struggled to regain your footing???  That distresses me more than you could know!!!  I am so sorry.  sadsmile Are you okay after that fall?  I sure hope so!  Thank goodness for Smiley!!!  He's an amazing friend!  Since I read that, I set all else aside and kicked his video into high gear.  I had to change some planned shots out of respect to your recent peril (I will explain that sometime later, okay?).  But I really wanted to get this to him ASAP so that I could thank him for being such a wonderful friend and taking such good care of you.  Here is the link to his video:

 It is on my Youtube channel but it's unlisted, so you will need to copy and paste the link into your browser, okay?  Let me know if you have any problems with that.  I hope that you are doing better and that the weather there has greatly improved.  Take care, my friend.  sun        

Christine Shoemaker
01/17/17 12:09:57PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you for the pics, Lexie!  I was only able to open one, the jpeg with what I believe is you and Smiley at the Christmas tree, right?  It's a wonderful picture - thank you so much!  I looked up your story and really enjoyed it!  Hey, there's no need for you to thank me for writing songs for Smiley.  Your mention of you two watching dulcimer videos together touched me.  When my heart is moved, I write songs.  Be it a good or bad thing, it's just who I am.  So actually, thank YOU for the new songs!!!  sun  

Mary MacGowan
11/29/16 09:52:39AM @mary-macgowan:

Lexie, I just read your profile intro, and you mentioned that you rejoined too. Why did you quit? (If you don't mind sharing)

Mary MacGowan
11/29/16 09:50:56AM @mary-macgowan:

Hi Lexie, yes, I'm re-starting. I'd gotten worried about the rules here - and elsewhere - about the public domain issue. As you know, I work a lot with previously published poems, and I got a lot of permissions for those that were not in public domain yet. But they are no longer allowed to be posted here, which I understand and is fine. Somehow I'd thought that staying here would crimp my style and it would affect my composing adversely, but instead I just felt a bit lost and lonely, so I'm back!

Mary MacGowan
11/28/16 01:39:30PM @mary-macgowan:

Hi Lexie, thanks, I've missed you too!

Christine Shoemaker
10/15/16 08:20:50PM @christine-shoemaker:

Smiley is a most interesting fellow.  I would love to meet him sometime, Lexie!  So you know, I would never be offended at being told a furry friend sings to my music.  I would consider that the highest praise, indeed!!!  toivo  

Val Hughes
10/07/16 11:56:36AM @val-hughes:

Your welcome Lexie, enjoy.

Kevin Messenger
07/16/16 12:09:16AM @kevin-messenger:

Lexie, Wow what a nice gift. I am glad she chose you to receive it . The Prichards are a fine playing instrument,and play much nicer with the just intonation.  Again I'm happy that it went to a good place.



Christine Shoemaker
06/24/16 08:35:41PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you so much, Lexie!  I have always appreciated your kind and generous support from the very first.  It means more than you could know.  HUG  You can bet that I will be taking that with me to Nationals! 

Karel Votanek
06/14/16 02:01:29PM @karel-votanek:

Hi Lexie

I am very pleased that you've seen my clip.

Thank you very much


Terry Wilson
06/09/16 03:15:16PM @terry-wilson:

Oh Lexie, thank you.

04/25/16 03:50:13PM @strumelia:

Sometimes when I have a few minutes I like to go looking back at videos and music posted long ago, sometimes years ago.  When I find something I can appreciate or that I feel might deserve another look from people, I 'like' it and/or comment on it....especially if it's by someone who doesn't post often on fotmd...and sometimes they get really surprised and happy that someone is still looking at their music.  inlove

04/25/16 03:44:24PM @strumelia:

Lexie wrote: Hey, I wanted to mention that Robert Schuler's song "Maggie" and Bob Riensel's song "Slane" did not show in the main audio feed. I only knew about them through other folks comments on them. Maybe it is a glitch.

Hi Lex!  bananawave    The reason you did not see those two tunes in the Music section is because they were posted months ago.  I 'liked' them and commented on them just the other day though, and that made them appear in the new Activity Feed, which is where you saw them.

For example, "Maggie in the Wood was posted by Robert way back in July 2015, and you can see it if you go to page 4 of the music section, here: http://fotmd.com/audio/p=4

You can also see Bob's "Slane" audio on page 4 there as well.  It was posted 9 months ago, but again i just recently found it and commented on it or 'liked' it.

Hah, fooled you!  pimento   Sometimes items are from a long time ago so they don't show up on page 1 of any list or section anymore...gotta dig down for some of the gold.   coffee2

Estes George
03/25/16 04:23:51PM @george-desjardins:

Hi Lexie, nice to meet you, is that one of the dulcimers you had built in your profile photo? I love the wood tuning pegs, I own about 14 different dulcimers bu recently have really gotten into the older traditional style with the wooden tuners, 2 Warren Mays, and a recent find on eBay of all places of a nice old Bill Davis 5 string, it needed some TLC and I had to repair a split in the wood on the back from the wood drying out, but went well and is currently just about my favorite one to play.

Terry Wilson
03/23/16 09:59:39AM @terry-wilson:

Hi Lexie

Yes, it is comforting to have your instruments.  I agree, music is a friend always.  It never disappoints.  I am praying that you will get well really soon.  I would be willing to bet, that from this day forward, you will find improvement in your quality of life, with each approaching day.  

Some sad news Lexie.   Monday we said good by to our daughter-in-law, our son's wife, the mother of our 5 year old grandson, at 38 years of age.  She died after a four year battle with cancer.  It just ravaged her whole body.  This was one of the saddest days of our lives.  

On a positive note, our immediate family all live very close to each other, so lots of family support to help our son and grandson cope with life going forward.  Between our family business, baseball, lots of music, and amazing friends, they will get through this and find that life goes on.   Our beautiful son (42), is now a widower and single parent.  But if anybody can handle the situation, we have the confidence he can.  

Anyways, just thought I would share this piece of information.  Even though all of us on this forum are kind of like invisible internet friends, we actually are real people, with hurts, pain and joy, victories and defeats, success and failures.  We all bleed red when we have a paper cut.

Get well soon Lexie!