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Angels We Have Heard on High

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Duration: 00:03:01
This traditional Christmas favorite was recorded at my dear sweet Mother's house on my precious treasure (my dad's dulcimer). I am still pretty new at playing noter-drone, but I am loving it!
Terry Wilson
01/28/15 01:54:52PM @terry-wilson:

Yeah, a popcicle stick. Now, please don't tell me you haven't used a popcicle stick. Banana is the best.

Cindy Stammich
01/23/15 11:19:31PM @cindy-stammich:

Terry - A popsicle stickhuh??? FunnyGrin.gif Glad it makes you want to do some notering!

Terry Wilson
01/23/15 07:32:36PM @terry-wilson:

Cindy, your playing makes me want to find me a popcicle stick and do some notering.

Cindy Stammich
12/31/14 11:22:19PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you Jack!Smile.gif

Jack Ferguson
12/31/14 10:44:15PM @jack-ferguson:

Beautiful! Thanks...

Cindy Stammich
12/19/14 09:46:23PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you so much Rick! I am glad you enjoyed the video - I sure had fun doing it! Being at my mom's - something warm, cozy and wonderful! What Christmas tune are you working on??? Sure hope to hear it by Christmas!!! Thanks again!Smile.gif

Rick Kennedy
12/19/14 02:44:15AM @rick-kennedy:

Really enjoyed your video--good music, holiday sweater, a fire burningSmile.gif ... (I've been working on a Christmas tune myself--hope to have enough time to post it before Christmas Day!)

12/18/14 11:06:26PM @tumbleweed:

Beautiful, Beautiful Beautiful!!!

Cindy Stammich
12/18/14 10:27:54PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you so much Kristi! I do love playing my dad's makes me feel close to himSmile.gif

However, Lo How A Rose was by Bob Reinsel. I want to make sure he gets credit for what he did!!!

Thank you again for watching!

Cindy Stammich
12/18/14 10:24:56PM @cindy-stammich:
Lexie, thank you so much.....I am very humbled by your comments.....and not sure I quite live up to all that, but so happy to be an inspiration......And you just keep working on yours - it will come I am sure! My music is definitely my calming and my sanity! Thank you again!
Kristi Keller
12/18/14 01:23:49PM @kristi-keller:
Loved your Lo How A Rose. You gave your Dad's instrument a beautiful voice.
Lexie R Oakley
12/18/14 12:20:25PM @lexie-r-oakley:
I could watch you play all day Cindy. I love how you play this beautiful song and also Amazing Grace is lovely. I'll keep working on Amazing Grace and maybe I'll get close one day.Thank you for your beautiful noting and strumming, you are an inspiration.
Cindy Stammich
12/16/14 10:07:26PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you so much Terry! You are very kind!Smile.gif

Cindy Stammich
12/15/14 07:22:27PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you for listening and for the kind comments Paul!

I sure appreciate it Smile.gif

Paul Killian
12/14/14 08:42:45PM @paul-killian:

Pretty version, Cindy. I like your style of play. thanks for posting.

Cindy Stammich
12/14/14 03:42:44PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you so much Jeffrey - for both listening and even more so for playing with me!!!

That's awesome and Ifeel blessed that you wanted toplayalongSmile.gif

As I said before - our music is all about family and friends, picking and grinning!!!

While we may not be able to play together in person - it's a wonderful thing to at least be able to play together via FOTMD Smile.gif

Thanks again!

jeffrey charles foster
12/13/14 09:26:47AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Hi Cindy Played along with you on this one even though i was slow at it it was fun

God Bless youGrin.gif

Cindy Stammich
12/02/14 10:21:08PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you Gordon! That was really sweet Smile.gif

Thank you Steve and Edward!

Edward - that wood burning stove holds many memories!!! We would all gather around it when coming in frozen after an afternoon of sledding or ice skating or whatever! The stove and a cup of hot chocolate - winter magic! Many a night were spent playing guitar with my dad on banjo - Smile.gif

Steve Battarbee
12/01/14 05:21:06PM @steve-battarbee:

Really nice Cindy

Gordon Hardy
12/01/14 09:34:57AM @gordon-hardy:

That's lovely Cindy, I believe I could hear the angels.