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Country: Canada

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When I first went to Caledonia.

When I first went to Caledonia.

style or instrument: dulcimer,vocal.

musician/member name: Jamie Snider.

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A miners' song from Cape Breton Nova Scotia.
05/07/22 03:04:18PM @davisjames:

Just a note on the rhythm,it might be called 9/8 or 6/4....takes a bit of getting used to if you're unfamiliar with it,the odd numbers make the beat turn around[and the strum pattern]...it's an ancient rhythm,sing happy birthday or God Save the Queen...that is so funny how I just capitalized the queen...old time Canadian loyalist I guess,laugh....or!my country tis' of thee...

05/05/22 11:03:34AM @davisjames:

It was made by the Gardners from Grafton,Ohio.I'm very pleased with it.

Robin Thompson
05/04/22 01:41:11PM @robin-thompson:

That mountain dulcimer and your voice match perfectly, Jamie.  Are you referring to the Gardners from WV as the family from which the dulcimer came?  

05/04/22 01:29:33PM @davisjames:

Played on a Gardner family teardrop dulcimer...I'm capoing somewhere and it's in A...I get lost in the math but it's the d-a-dd configuration...what with capos,interesting tunings,changing the pitch,different styles of dulcimers,it gets really confusing...I love it!