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Country: Canada

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Downtown Eastside Blues.

Downtown Eastside Blues.

style or instrument: scheitholt,hummel

musician/member name: Jamie Snider.

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The scheitholt[from drones to fretted is Dadd then Dadd]...It's possible to get a harp-like effect by incorporating the drone strings into the melody if the range is right.I made this tune in Vancouver,2013 while living in the DTES neighbourhood.
09/28/23 05:00:27AM @macaodha:

Very nice indeed.

Dusty Turtle
09/24/23 12:48:23PM @dusty:

Cool tune!

Gordon Hardy
09/23/23 10:50:22AM @gordon-hardy:

Good stuff Jamie!! I enjoyed this lots!

09/22/23 09:07:16PM @dan:


Robin Thompson
09/22/23 08:20:57PM @robin-thompson:

So cool, Jamie.  Like it lots!