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The Indian's Lament.

The Indian's Lament.

style or instrument: dulcimer,vocal.

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Dadd dulcimer,vocal.A song I learned from a couple trad singers in Nfld. in the 70's..it was originally a poem in a newspaper in Pennsylvania in the 1830's.Someone put it to music and it made its way way to Newfoundland,Labrador without recordings,internet,etc.There are 4 more verses.Easy to find on the internet....
07/10/24 06:14:09PM @davisjames:

Thanks,Nate.I knew Stan and played music with him a few times.Re  the Cherokee I  was pleased(touring the States) to find that some were still in North Carolina and had eluded the deportation.As the song attests,not.all settlers went along with it.

07/10/24 02:34:01AM @nate:

Really enjoyed this a lot Jamie, thanks for sharing this very well played ballad. The melody and rhythm on dulcimer reminds me of Eastern Canadian music a la Stan Rogers. My grandmother used to tell me about her grandmother when I was a kid. She and her family were Cherokee who fled from the Trail of Tears and settled in Arkansas when she was a young child. Fascinatingly, (but not surprisingly) if a native american defected from the trail of tears and opted to homestead, their descendants are not entitled to any tribal benefits from the Cherokee Nation Or the United Keetowah Band of Cherokees.

Robin Thompson
07/02/24 02:54:53PM @robin-thompson:

Jamie, I appreciate you letting us know about looking up the lyrics.  Meaningful!

07/01/24 05:33:50PM @davisjames:

Thanks,Robin,I always loved this song sung by a father/son,accappella,Sutton by name..I checked out the internet and the words are more readily found under"Indian's Prayer" or "White man,let me go".

Robin Thompson
06/28/24 07:28:04PM @robin-thompson:

Your play and your singing are always so good, Jamie.