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Cherry Dulcimer Song

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:20
Took a while to compose this[10 years-I had the first four lines that long ago and didn't know where to go with it].Daresay I've borrowed liberally from other sources,who doesn't?A friend said it reminded her of Townes van Zant's "Dollar Bill Blues'...yep,then I started thinking about "If I"songs;If I...'were a blackbird","were a carpenter","could turn back the hands of time","listen long enough to you',"had my way',etc.Luckily there's no copyright on "If I",laugh.
12/26/21 08:00:52AM @ariane:

I like your composition a lot, DavisJames dulcimer

Ken Longfield
12/13/21 05:06:47PM @ken-longfield:

That's a really good composition. I enjoyed watching and listening. Thanks for sharing.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

12/13/21 12:31:19PM @leny-sue:

Very cool composition!

Dusty Turtle
12/13/21 11:42:02AM @dusty:

So cool!  What a great tune.  And speaking of copyrights . . . you might want to copyright that tune yourself before I start sharing it at dulcimer festivals.

Well done, my friend.

12/12/21 06:16:36PM @dan:


12/09/21 03:12:37PM @davisjames:

Thanks for the kind comments.Archetypes for sure-I was able to finish it when I started thinking about all the folk songs I'd heard about shape shifting,trees talking.Also,I do have a fascination with wood.I've had people bring me their grandfather's fiddle to play and the music just pours out[often out of character for me]as if the wood is remembering[cue music from the 60's t.v. show"twilight zone",laugh].

Cristian Huet
12/09/21 05:38:39AM @cristian-huet:

love that

12/09/21 12:23:34AM @studentofrhythm:

Nice!  I like the imagery of the memories singing through the wood.  A firm root in some archetypes there.

Robin Thompson
12/08/21 06:08:41PM @robin-thompson:

I like this so much, DavisJames!