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In 1990 I toured the U.S.A. with the Newfoundland group Figgy Duff.We played at an oldtime dance festival in Black Mountain,North Carolina.I loved it,a thousand people in oldtime clothes[pre-1900] doing contra dancing to Newfoundland music[of course we had to slow it down] but it was beautiful,all of these Americans dancing to music from home.It's only a snippet of melody[I made it I think,laugh],put your own own words on it,it's that kind of a tune,I'd be glad to hear the different stories it might bring out...
Canadian Dulcimer Boy
04/02/22 07:59:17AM @canadian-dulcimer-boy:

Sounds fun, would have liked to hear more. ;-)

Cheers from Toronto!

Dusty Turtle
01/08/22 01:50:48PM @dusty:

Cool tune and lots of fun!

01/06/22 12:20:48PM @davisjames:

Bit of fun,that's all.Thanks to Neva for adding the banjo...a back garden video,last warm day in early November.