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Bending the strings

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:14
A one size fits all blues shuffle Imade on the mountain dulcimer.A "jam"tune.Gardner family[Ohio] teardrop dulcimer
02/24/24 10:44:11AM @davisjames:

Yep,Nate.I posted the video before.Last year I took down a lot of my videos in a moment of pique with youtube ads for things I would never buy or endorse.Funny.I hung onto this one (glad I did) thus,re-posted.The notion of doing audio( probably with overdubs) and video(no overdubs) of the same tune has occurred to me.Possibly some of the tunes feature interesting moves it would be hard to"get" by just listening.

02/23/24 09:18:32PM @nate:

Was this something you published as an audio file that you expanded into a video? I feel like I have already enjoyed this before xD 

John W. McKinstry
02/21/24 07:45:32PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks Davisjames for jazzing things up.

Robin Thompson
02/16/24 04:13:30PM @robin-thompson:

What fun for this old Ohio girl to see an OH instrument being played by you!  Very cool play, Jamie.

02/16/24 03:53:16PM @davisjames:

Perhaps I should mention,most of the melody is on the middle "A" string[Dad tuning] and the string gauge was light to enable the bending.Chuck Berry[great American rock and roller-definite influence]...