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Hard Times - Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:01:11
"Hard Times Come Again No More," sometimes called "Hard Times," is a popular American song written by Stephen C. Foster during 1854. Well-known and popular i...
Jack Ferguson
05/12/11 09:25:13PM @jack-ferguson:
Thanks BJ.Smile.gif
BJ Jordan
05/12/11 10:30:53AM @betty-bj-jordan:

This is one of my favorites and you did a great job. Really enjoyed it.


Jack Ferguson
05/11/11 11:49:51AM @jack-ferguson:
Thanks Mary Kay. This is a fun song to learn.
Jack Ferguson
05/10/11 09:38:02PM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks guys. Here's an easy to follow tab. http://archive.dulcimersessions.com/feb06/hardtimes_page_1.jpg

I just noted the video, but am working on the chords. Really like the difference.

Robin Thompson
05/10/11 05:26:05PM @robin-thompson:
I like it, Jack, 41.gif and I want to learn to play it!
Flint Hill
05/10/11 11:23:04AM @flint-hill:

Really oldtime, pretty sound.

05/10/11 09:46:34AM @strumelia:
Nice clean playing Jack. And I love the old-timey feel you gave it.
Jack Ferguson
05/10/11 09:36:04AM @jack-ferguson:
Thanks for the comments. Learning to play is starting to be fun.
Scott Rhodes
05/10/11 07:58:24AM @scott-rhodes:
Fitting song for the times we live in. I liked it.
John Keane
05/10/11 06:12:55AM @john-keane:
Nice traditional sound on that...thanks for sharing.