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Bring Us, O Savior

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Duration: 00:03:00
Anne Mckinstry, para John Donne (1571-1631) Spanish Melody.
John Mckinstry on dulcimer with voice.
Gary Major
12/11/20 11:44:07AM @gary-major:

Very well done. I enjoyed that. 

Thank you

11/20/20 10:32:16AM @leny-sue:

Very beautiful and full of hope.

Ken Longfield
11/19/20 07:40:04PM @ken-longfield:

Well done, John.


"The dulcimer (and you) sing a sweet song."

Patty from Virginia
11/19/20 01:04:51PM @patty-from-virginia:

This is lovely!!! Thank you!!!

Richard Streib
11/18/20 09:08:06PM @richard-streib:

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

11/18/20 11:32:01AM @strumelia:

John I like your thumb-only picking pattern. Lots of traditional players used to use thumb-only picking long ago.
You make it look effortless I know it's not all that easy... the way you pick the melody with your thumb, and also alternate between a soft passing strum of chords and some distinct melody-middle-bass string picking to keep time. It almost sounds like there's more than one instrument playing. Very lovely!

The pretty scene there with your holiday lights and berries is inspiring me to dig out some Christmas lights a little early to ward off the pandemic winter doldrums.  red drummer    Thank you!

John W. McKinstry
11/18/20 10:31:00AM @john-w-mckinstry:

The hymn in this video is based on one of the prayers of John Donne (1571-1631). After much struggling to find his faith he eventually became the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England.  He was known for his powerful sermons and especially his poetry. I wish to thank my wife, Anne, for finding this prayer and editing it and then setting it to a Spanish melody.  Another person, behind the scenes, who I also wish to thank is my daughter, Janet, who is also a pastor and did this video for me. It was truly a family effort. Enjoy and have a safe holiday. John

11/18/20 08:46:35AM @strumelia:

John do tell us more about this video!  It's wonderful.

Gordon Hardy
11/16/20 05:33:55PM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you John, that is beautiful!

Dusty Turtle
11/16/20 12:39:08PM @dusty-turtle:

That's wonderful, John!