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@Karen B, 07/29/18 12:18:42PM
Hi John. Thanks for signing my guest book. I am most comfortable in DAD so I teach in that tuning. But I have moved to DAA if a student was interested. I do not follow any guide. I like to take each student from where s/he is and move forward from that place. I do cover all the basics: holding, tuning, strumming, fretting--to be sure the skills are solid. We move on from there depending on what a student wants to learn. I often use workshop descriptions from other teachers either at a festival or on their websites to spark ideas about skills and tunes that are helpful. I am a retired elementary school teacher, so that background kicks in whenever I teach. All my best, Karen
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@folkfan, 04/03/17 04:39:01PM
Thank you, John. I'm hoping Dave is ok myself. He's down in Indiana, by himself (and his cat) and as his big sister, I tend to worry about him. Fortunately he has great neighbors and they tend to look out for each other. So I know that if Dave doesn't show his face in a couple of days, they'll come knocking on his door to find out how he is. I'll tell him you wrote with your good wishes. Folkfan
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@Patty from Virginia, 01/28/16 06:36:06PM
Thank you for your kind comments John. I do love Gospel music. We Gather Together was a request from John Knopf. A few people wanted to hear my cardboard dulcimer so I played We Gather Together on it. Not too bad sounding although I think I might change out the base string. Thank you for adding me as a friend!
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@Joy W., 01/07/16 10:31:59PM
Hi John, you signed my guestbook and asked about the chording and/or tab for "I Never Will Marry." Thanks for your kind comments. I don't know how to answer directly from the guestbook so I'm writing in your guestbook to respond! I haven't written out tab for the arrangement I played but if I ever do, I'll post a comment on the video. The chord change between verses makes use of the 1 1/2 fret which makes it a bit unusual. :-)