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Bright Morning Stars are Rising

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:58
Artist John McKinstry singing with his dulcimer.
Cynthia Wigington
09/19/22 02:40:05PM @cynthia-wigington:

John - you would also love listening to Jan play O Sacred Head Now Wounded, which is one of the most spiritual experiences I've had in my life. I'm responsible for about half of the listenings I think. I also recommend Legacy Food Storage if you're looking for a long-term food that has minimal chemicals lol.

You're doing something quite different and I do appreciate that so much and I hope you like my Three Blind Mice.

John W. McKinstry
09/19/22 12:14:21PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks Jan for your kind comments.  I am glad that we both share a love for this song and others like it. I think I am going to hire Cynthia Wigington as my agent for she has helped to spread the word about the beauty of this song and video. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.

Jan Potts
09/19/22 02:52:39AM @jan-potts:

Awww, John, this is so nice!  I'm so glad Cynthia called it to my attention.  About 2 weeks ago I sang this lovely song a capella with about 200 other people at the closing of a retreat up on a mountain in North Carolina.  Your rendition brought back many happy memories of good times with good folks.  Thank you!

Gordon Hardy
09/15/22 12:12:36PM @gordon-hardy:

John, your lyrics are very comforting and soothing as is your playing. Your rendition is what I needed right now. Thank you so much.

John W. McKinstry
09/13/22 10:18:57AM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks Cynthia for your warm response.  Hearing from you is like getting "The Good House Keeping Seal of Approval."  I miss seeing your videos and your relaxed and personal way of presentation. Maybe you could have someone come in and do a video for you, like I do.  I should mention that among my pictures are two from New England that I did after other artists:  The farmer with his horse is after a Currier & Ives entitled: "The Homestead in Winter", The haying farm scene is after: Grandma Moses of Vermont. It is entitled: "The Thunderstorm".  Keep warm and keep dry. John

Cynthia Wigington
09/13/22 08:54:08AM @cynthia-wigington:

I just love it! It's going to be cool and pouring rain all day long and this was such a life of sunshine, light and joy. Thank you so much John. The art is fabulous - very painterly. You're quite a fella.

Cindy Stammich
09/11/22 08:12:03PM @cindy-stammich:

John, this was so beautiful and soothing!  The paintings are lovely and just go along with the song so well....... I love it!  Thank you for sharing your music as well as your paintings!

09/11/22 03:57:03PM @nate:

John W. McKinstry:

Thanks Nate at Nate Builds Toys. I love the sound of your carboard dulcimer build. Congratulations for bringing it to life.

Truly, you are too kind :)

John W. McKinstry
09/11/22 03:28:05PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks Nate at Nate Builds Toys. I love the sound of your carboard dulcimer build. Congratulations for bringing it to life.

09/11/22 03:05:22PM @nate:

Simply beautiful :)

John W. McKinstry
09/10/22 10:30:21PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Dusty, you make a good detective for you see things that even I am not completely aware of. I think my first passion is music but painting is fun too. Through painting I have learned that you have to ask yourself, "What are you trying to say?"  Finally I try to have variety in the accompaniment, but at the same time it has to be simple enough that I almost don't have to think about it. I do appreciate your videos and your pointing out what other people are doing. Your are a great teacher. Thanks.

Dusty Turtle
09/10/22 08:15:48PM @dusty:

John, are you an artist who plays the dulcimer or a dulcimer player who paints? 

Nice tune.  I especially appreciate the variety in your right-hand picking where you play the melody and also accompany it with tasteful arpeggios.

John W. McKinstry
09/10/22 10:17:50AM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thank you Strumelia for taking the time to listen. I am humbled by your comments.

09/10/22 09:59:11AM @strumelia:

John this is very beautiful. I so much enjoyed it!

Some mighty fine paintings as well... You're both a gifted painter and musician.