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Dulcimer Dgbd
01/13/17 11:19:52PM @marg:

Enjoyed your playing of 'Molly Malone'

And all your videos, thank you

Karel Votanek
07/04/16 11:35:29AM @karel-votanek:

Terry Wilson:

Karel,  that's as pretty as it gets.  Indeed.

Hello Terry,

thank You very much for Your nice Comment

Karelbyebye    music

Terry Wilson
07/03/16 07:57:53PM @terry-wilson:

Karel,  that's as pretty as it gets.  Indeed.

Karel Votanek
07/03/16 03:59:00PM @karel-votanek:

Oliver Ogden:

Karel, I love that song and always enjoy your playing. To bad you live so far away ,would like to have met you and played togeter

Hallo Oliver,

es freut mich sehr,dass Dir mein Spielen gefällt.Es ist wirklich Schade,dass ich so weit wohne.Ich habe

noch niemand zum Mitspielen.Vielen Dank


Oliver Ogden
07/03/16 07:01:28AM @oliver-ogden:

Karel, I love that song and always enjoy your playing. To bad you live so far away ,would like to have met you and played togeter

Patty from Virginia
08/28/14 04:15:09PM @patty-from-virginia:

This is pretty! I love the pictures too!

Ken Longfield
08/25/14 08:58:07AM @ken-longfield:

Thanks for sharing this delightful song. You have a very nice arrangement and played it so well.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

John Keane
08/25/14 07:31:25AM @john-keane:

Nicely done, Karel!

Frank Ross
08/24/14 04:10:27PM @frank-ross:

Always like your videos - great quality, interesting graphics and your unique picking style. Thanks for sharing

Guy Babusek
08/24/14 10:27:07AM @guy-babusek:

That was lovely! Thank you so much for posting it!

Wout Blommers
08/24/14 05:39:23AM @wout-blommers:

I can think of a reason...

Seeing the intro of the video and all that stringed instruments you are used to play the bass string with the thumb rather than using a finger.

An argument against a reverse string set-up is the flexibility of the thumb when playing chord/melody: fingers hold the chord where the tumb can slide underneath the hand. I can't imagine the ring finger nor the pinky doing this Tongue.gif

Wout Blommers
08/24/14 04:40:57AM @wout-blommers:

Hi Karel,

I like this very much!

First of all there is a discussion going on about cheap dulcimers and what is cheap. The instrument you play is surely not the most expensive one and it is now proven those can sound beautiful, special when using a 'clip on' mic. Smile.gif

I notice you stringed the instrument reversed, in dbgD (in common notation). What is the bennifit or reason? Is it because of the tunig in an open G chord?

I am aware the instrument is that reasonable priced one can buy several of them to keep those tuned in their own tunings. Grin.gif

You made my sunday!

Gordon Hardy
08/23/14 10:42:36PM @gordon-hardy:

Karel, it's a pleasure to listen to you play. Thank you for this.