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We Three Kings

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Duration: 00:03:27
Karen Keane plays her arrangement of "We Three Kings" on the mountain dulcimer.
Karen Keane
06/02/15 07:21:46PM @karen-keane:
Yeah!!!! Me too! I hope that we have a good season this year.
Karen Keane
02/26/14 06:44:21PM @karen-keane:
Thank so much Edward, I appreciate it very much!
Karen Keane
01/29/14 06:18:07PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Rob and Strumelia. I was in the Christmas spirit. Go cowboys...not this year...LOL
01/18/14 08:23:18PM @strumelia:

Karen, just gorgeous playing.

You make a great case for having those 'seemingly impossibly high' frets installed.

Karen Keane
12/26/13 06:08:19PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Shawn, glad you enjoyed,
Shawn McCurdy
12/26/13 05:31:54PM @shawn-mccurdy:

Beautiful arrangement and playing - thanks.

Karen Keane
12/26/13 04:59:53PM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much Terry. it has been awhile since I have posted a video on my own, but I have gotten some really nice compliments, including yours. I am so glad that you enjoyed it.
Terry Wilson
12/26/13 03:09:45PM @terry-wilson:

Karen, I have watched and listened to your videos many many many times, without ever responding. So with that I say "thank you for sharing your music Karen, it's beautiful and I enjoy it so much".

Karen Keane
12/25/13 01:43:16PM @karen-keane:
Ha, ha, JH...and thanks
John Keane
12/25/13 01:40:05PM @john-keane:

JH, the girl did great, but the sock monkey was rather lifeless. Grin.gif

John Henry
12/25/13 01:36:47PM @john-henry:

Ha ! Who you trying to fool JK, the girl did good, step out of the shadows and kowtow !!!

One of your few critics


Karen Keane
12/25/13 01:31:01PM @karen-keane:
Thanks girl, we haven't named the monkey yet, but I'll keep that in mind. LOL. Merry Christmas to you too.
John Keane
12/25/13 01:30:04PM @john-keane:

Merry Christmas Steph! I usually stand-in for the sock monkey, but this time he said that he was good to go. Grin.gif

Karen Keane
12/25/13 08:44:18AM @karen-keane:
Thanks Helen. Fingerpicking is what I really enjoy, but it's been a while since I have put up a video of my own so you probably haven't seen me fingerpicking yet. LOL. I know that you will enjoy your new flute, and I am looking forwar to hearing it. What key did you get?
John Keane
12/25/13 07:52:14AM @john-keane:

Merry Christmas to you too, Helen! Enjoy that flute, and make sure that you sign-up for their Flute Talk newsletter (you can do that on their website). Lotsa great information each month. Smile.gif

Karen Keane
12/24/13 05:33:36PM @karen-keane:
Vielen Dank fr Ihre Aufmerksamkeit, ich schtze es. Frohe Weihnachten
Karel Votanek
12/24/13 03:36:21PM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Karen,sehr sauber und schn gespielt,

vielen Dank

Karel VotanekSmile.gif Smile.gif

Karen Keane
12/24/13 01:00:40PM @karen-keane:
Hee,Hee JH...You ain't right! Thanks and Merry Christmas.
John Henry
12/24/13 11:41:50AM @john-henry:

I know that I keep on at him about his shirts, but surely this disguise is a bit over the top ???

Excellent post Karen, just close enough to Christmas proper to 'set the scene' for me, thank you for posting


Karen Keane
12/24/13 10:38:29AM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much James, and Merry Christmas!