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Manic Panic

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Duration: 00:03:02
Written and performed by Karen Keane. The debut of "Batman" (named after our cat of many years) the dulcimer by Folkcraft Instruments.
Karen Keane
03/22/15 06:45:22PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Sammye. I appreciate your kind words!
Karen Keane
11/20/14 07:09:18PM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much Lexie and John. It is a fun song to play!
Lexie R Oakley
11/09/14 06:39:45PM @lexie-r-oakley:

That is fantastic, love your style Karen.

John Tipton
06/15/13 11:11:39AM @john-tipton:

Thanks for your comment on my Video. Glad you enjoyed it in spite of the poor sound quality.

Great playing and singing on yours, and the sound is great...my Cisco Flip MinoHD is great for video, but the microphone is pretty basic :(

Karen Keane
01/09/13 05:50:20PM @karen-keane:
Thanks girl,you too!
Karen Keane
01/09/13 07:04:19AM @karen-keane:
You're welcome too. Sorry about the typo. LOL
Karen Keane
01/08/13 06:18:51PM @karen-keane:
Your welcome Brian and thanks again.
Brian G.
01/08/13 07:47:20AM @brian-g:

Hi Karen! Thanks for posting the lyrics. I definitely enjoyed your "therapy". :)

Karen Keane
01/08/13 06:59:59AM @karen-keane:
Thanks Stephanie. songs like this one are hard to share sometimes because of their meaning, but it is very therapeutic. LOL
Karen Keane
01/07/13 08:27:28PM @karen-keane:
I'm definitely not mad at you. This song is about me being a "fradey" (probably spelled wrong Hee Hee) cat for most of my life. I'm usually the kind of person who has to stick my toe in the water before I jump in the pool. Sometimes that's not the best thing to do, but it's the truth.
John Keane
01/07/13 07:12:45PM @john-keane:

I'm just glad she ain't mad at me lol! 18.gif

Karen Keane
01/07/13 05:10:48PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Patty. ooVoo was a blast last night and I'm looking forward to visiting again sometime in the future.

Hey guys here are the words that I promised to Stephanie and Brian.

Manic Panic

My fear grows manic til I just cant breath
Paralysis, analysis there is not relief
Fear makes me crazy just like a lunatic
My sinister soul is up to its old tricks

Manic, manic, panic
Im a manic panic and I need some relief

Fear creeps in til youre unaware
It crushes on your soul til you just dont care
My heart pounds a rhythm that could cause a heart attack
The thing about fear, it always comes back

Manic, manic, panic
Im a manic panic and I need some relief

I hope someday I can find some relief
Fear is like a shadow, please make it leave
Fear goes unnoticed way down deep in your soul
Bind it up, grind it up, that is my goal

Manic, manic, panic
Im a manic panic and I need some relief

Patty from Virginia
01/07/13 08:56:27AM @patty-from-virginia:

I watched this yesterday and forgot to comment, my bad. I was so excited about seeing you all on ooVooSmile.gif . I love this Karen. You do sing pretty!!!41.gif 41.gif 41.gif

Karen Keane
01/07/13 07:10:36AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Brian, Stephanie and Wayne. I would be glad to post the lyrics, but it will have to be this afternoon. I'm running a little behind since this is our first day back at school. Batman vs Bigfoot, LOL Stephanie!!!Grin.gif

Brian G.
01/07/13 12:22:05AM @brian-g:

Very cool tune. I couldn't quite make out all the lyrics, but that's a reflection of my hearing and my speakers, not of your singing. Can you post them, please? :)

Karen Keane
01/06/13 10:09:58PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Randy. That was a cool picture. Glad you approve, that means a lot!
Randy Adams
01/06/13 09:50:36PM @randy-adams:

Gotta love how you get right with it and play and sing with vivacityand authority Karen. Ur a playa f'sure! Dulcimer sounds great! 34_videos.jpg

Karen Keane
01/06/13 09:41:17PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Carrie!
Karen Keane
01/06/13 05:53:46PM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much Rob and I'm glad you enjoyed!
Rob N Lackey
01/06/13 05:47:33PM @rob-n-lackey:

Excellent, Karen. Liked that a lot