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Jabberwocky Viking Style on Anglo-Saxon Lyre

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:02:13
Played on Anglo Saxon lyre
Marc Mathieu
06/27/18 08:06:38PM @marc-mathieu:

That was fun to watch Ken!!  Great seeing you - you're looking good my friend.

 Cullowhee MD Week 2008 is a long time ago.  

Christine Shoemaker
06/25/18 10:18:12AM @christine-shoemaker:

I throughly enjoyed that, Ken!  clapper

Steven Berger
06/24/18 09:46:11PM @steven-berger:

Nicely done, Ken.

Robin Thompson
06/24/18 04:28:05PM @robin-thompson:

Cool, Ken.  

06/24/18 11:37:57AM @strumelia:

I truly enjoyed this, Ken!  Very creative and emotive.

"The Jabberwocky" holds a special place in my heart, because my father used to read it to my brothers and I when we were very little.  His reading was very expressive, like yours.  He loved all nonsense writing, such as Edward Lear's limericks. I can still recall him reciting The Jabberwocky with us gathered around his feet, enthralled, even though he passed away when i was 5.

Your lyre and the phrases you play here go perfectly with the poem.  Well done!  yes

06/24/18 10:59:41AM @elvensong:

Nicely done! A true minstrel!


Terry Wilson
06/23/18 04:48:08PM @terry-wilson:

Ken, that was fantastic.  Certainly caught my attention.

06/23/18 02:53:15PM @dan:

Two thumbs up!!!

Lisa Golladay
06/23/18 01:29:51PM @lisa-golladay:

Beowulf himself could not have done it better.  :-)