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26th Annual Harvest Fest of Dulcimers -(ONLINE!)

26th Annual Harvest Fest of Dulcimers -(ONLINE!)

Friday September 25 2020, 7:30 PM
Attendees:  @Dusty Turtle

Southern California Dulcimer Heritage (SCDH) presents our now  VIRTUAL 26th Annual Harvest Festival   of Dulcimers , Friday night to Sunday, September 25, 26 & 27!! The dulcimer beat goes on!  

That’s right, we’ll be Zooming your way, directly into your home!

It’s super easy to use Zoom , especially for students, who need only a free, basic Zoom account.

Featured mountain dulcimer player : Neal Hellman of Santa Cruz,  CA.

Featured hammered dulcimer player Tina Bergman n from Ohio.

These are two really exceptional players, as you can sample via their links!

Friday night we’ll have 3 virtual jam groups (levels ) to kick things off.

Then multiple workshops  all day Saturday by both featured players plus local teachers – including Joellen Lapidus , Patti Amelotte , myself and many others - on both kinds of dulcimers   and several other instruments .

An online concert Saturday evening will feature our headliners, Neal Hellman and Tina Bergmann.

Sunday:  Focus Workshops , smaller group sessions with Neal Hellman or Tina Bergman, will be 10am – 2pm Pacific Time on Sunday, September 27 .


Web page also has Zoom basics, festival details and of course online registration!! 

For questions, see contact options below.

Hope to see you on screen the weekend of September 25th!


Leo Kretzner     

www.scdh.org        dulcimer@scdh.org     714-534-2855 

Dusty Turtle
08/26/20 12:15:47PM @dusty-turtle:

@leo-kretzner, my dulcimer club moved online when the pandemic hit, and we also gained several participants from around the country, so even when we can gather in person again I expect to hold a monthly online gathering as well.  Joellen's been joining my group and I've been joining hers, so there's some cross-pollination going on between Northern and Southern California.

Leo Kretzner
08/26/20 10:49:17AM @leo-kretzner:

Thanks for recounting that story, Dusty! I don't remember it per se but it sounds about right, the kind of thing we try to do to keep things going in a fun and relaxed way.

Sorry to make you reschedule your club and we appreciate you doing that. Have you been virtually gathering or perhaps doing it outdoors in a park?? If there are a few from the group who have been quarantining themselves and are in good health, perhaps very small groups - 2 or 3 people - could take in some of the jams, classes and concerts in a well ventilated room, and have it feel a little less isolating. We appreciate the individual registrations, but a little sharing is in keeping with the overall spirit. 

And good luck with the 'over-strung dulcimer' and its many courses of strings! I have one of those, too, but don't tell anyone... lol! 

08/21/20 08:13:44PM @strumelia:

What a lovely story, Dusty!

Dusty Turtle
08/21/20 01:36:12PM @dusty-turtle:

@strumelia, the Harvest Festival is a wonderfully welcoming event for all levels of players.  Several years ago, when I was still a dulcimer baby, I drove down to attend. As I entered, there was an Irish jam in the entryway that was both exciting and also intimidating. I knew I could not possibly play along with those people.  But in the afternoon @leo-kretzner and & @gregg-schneeman led a jam that was much more inviting.  They had posted a list of commonly played jam tunes, and I was probably not alone in preparing by learning some of them.  And then they went around the circle with each person calling out a tune, although some of us newbies just "passed."  At one point a woman called out a tune and started to lead it, but she got caught up and couldn't quite keep it going.  Without saying anything, Gregg just moved over towards her with his bowed psaltery and "took" the tune from her, keeping the pace she had established but playing with much more consistency, so that the rest of us could keep going.  It was such a gentle way of helping both that individual and the whole jam overcome our beginner hiccups.  The way the two of them led that jam while welcoming the participation of players of many levels is a model I have tried to follow as I've grown into the leader of my own dulcimer jam.

08/21/20 01:20:49PM @strumelia:

This sounds like a terriffic event.
I like your 3 levels jam offerings on Friday evening... how thoughtful!

Dusty Turtle
08/21/20 12:58:28AM @dusty-turtle:

Leo, I'm going to re-schedule my monthly dulcimer club so that I can attend.  I just got a hammered dulcimer, though, so I may not see you, Joellen, or Neal at all.

Leo Kretzner
07/31/20 08:53:49PM @leo-kretzner:

Hi Dusty,

Yep, it's Brave New Festivals time, isn't it? 

And if they can ever figure out how to beat the lag time, the virtual jams would be even better!


Dusty Turtle
07/29/20 09:11:39PM @dusty-turtle:

I'm glad you guys decided to go virtual this year, Leo.  Hopefully you'll be surprised how many people attend who could never make it in person.