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SCDH Fall Harvest Festival of Dulcimers - online

SCDH Fall Harvest Festival of Dulcimers - online

Friday September 24 2021, 6:00 PM
@ Virtual
Attendees:  @Dusty Turtle

27th Annual Festival for Mountain and Hammered Dulcimers!!

Online Workshops and Concerts - Fri PM, Saturday All Day, Sun AM 

Instructors: Aubrey Atwater , Jody Marshall , Joellen Lapidus, Leo Kretzner and more.

Sponsored by Southern California Dulcimer Heritage, www.SCDH.org  

See our web site for details as they develop!! (eg, Workshop Schedule, etcetera) 

Leo Kretzner
05/05/21 04:01:35PM @leo-kretzner:

Ocean-Daughter: Welcome back to dulcimers after a very long break!!  

I hope you've visited the web site to see some of the further details! 

 : - )


05/04/21 10:23:47PM @ocean-daughter:

I last went to the SCDH Harvest Festival some 22 years ago!  I picked up my neglected dulcimer too late to get to it last year, but I'll put it on the calendar for this year.