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Saturday September 24 2022, 9:00 AM
@ mostly virtual, some live/hybrid events
Attendees:  @Dusty Turtle

SCDH Fall Harvest Festival of Dulcimers Virtual + Live

Ongoing Events All September !– see www.SCDH.org   

MOUNTAIN DULCIMER DAY! Saturday, September 24 !

Six-hour teaching concert (“concert with benefits” :)  One hour each WITH:

Joellen Lapidus, Kevin Roth, Sara Morgan,

Bill Dempsey, Cyntia Smith, Leo Kretzner

One hour each on Zoom, 2 three-hour segments with a lunch break.

Six one-hour sessions, just $25!    www.scdh.org

Dusty Turtle
10/05/22 02:15:02AM @dusty-turtle:

Glad to hear you had a nice in-person turnout, Leo.  The online day was fun.  I agree that Cyntia and Kevin's performance was the most polished of the bunch.  But I really appreciated the camera angle on your left hand to see how you were navigating those four strings.  And Kevin's song Clowns' Last Waltz was exquisite, simultaneously romantic and whimsical.  It's too bad about Joellen's mic.  The problem was showing up earlier when I helped her with the sound check during lunch. She would change a setting to get rid of the static, but it would just come back. Erin might be right that there was a short in her audio interface. (One reason I prefer to use a single, USB mic.  Fewer devices to go haywire.) It was a tiring day, but very enjoyable. 

10/04/22 10:57:36AM @strumelia:

Thanks for adding the cool update, Leo!  thumbsup

Leo Kretzner
10/03/22 04:49:29PM @leo-kretzner:

Well here's a belated follow up on the SoCal September dulcimer events talked about before! (Thanks to Gregg Schneeman for reminding me.)

The jam in Claremont on Sat, Sept 17, was well attended with 20 or so people, many mountain dulcimers and a nice selection of others - HD, fiddle, banjo, etc. I'll post a few pictures from that taken by Teresa Alvarado. (The group photo was taken late and didn't get everyone.)

The following Saturday was Mountain Dulcimer Day via Zoom, and we had 41 or so folks in attendance. Everything seemed to go pretty well technically and otherwise - with a small exception of Joellen Lapidus having a couple temporary sound glitches. This was ironic since she'd been MC'ing all day with no problems and hers was the last set... "Nonetheless, she persisted," and it all turned out well. 

Sarah Morgan did a straight workshop on a Kentucky fiddle tune and I had tabs of my 4-string setup and a couple tunes, but the program was mainly one of concertizing. Personally I thought Cyntia Smith and Kevin Roth played the smoothest and most "exquisite" material. 

SoCal Dulcimer Heritage is gathering feedback from attendees - so we'll see what the audience had to say by and by!  

Sept 17 group.jpeg
Sept 17 group.jpeg  •  62KB

jam 1 9-17.jpeg
jam 1 9-17.jpeg  •  46KB

jam 2 9-17.jpeg
jam 2 9-17.jpeg  •  41KB

image11.jpeg  •  41KB

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Leo Kretzner
09/09/22 03:18:36PM @leo-kretzner:

Great to hear, Dusty! We're all looking forward to it, with practicing and tabbing galore!! 

Dusty Turtle
09/09/22 10:29:39AM @dusty-turtle:

I got my registration in and my fees all paid, Leo.  Looking forward to the SCDH's Mountain Dulcimer Day!

Leo Kretzner
08/24/22 04:55:58PM @leo-kretzner:

So-Cal Dulcimer Heritage's MOUNTAIN DULCIMER DAY is one month from today , Sat 9/24!!

Registration closes in two weeks , 9/10: https://www.scdh.org/SCDH/Fest._Reg_Tickets.html

Six Players, one Zoom link, one hour each, for $25!!                                                            Joellen Lapidus, Sarah Kate Morgan, Kevin Roth, Cyntia Smith, Bill Dempsey and me. 

We'll mostly be concertizing with tab and commentary on our pieces and playing - a "Concert with Benefits." I'll be focusing on 4-string playing but will have tab for both 3 and 4. 

All bio's and class descriptions are here: https://www.scdh.org/SCDH/MountainDulcimerWorkshops.html 

Lastly, three weeks from today, Saturday September 17, we'll have a big open jam at Shelton Park in Claremont (Harvard & Second), 12 - 3 pm, dulcimers and anything else!! 

Events for HDs, other instruments, and other jams all September: https://www.scdh.org/ 

Hoping to see you live and/or on screen!!


Dusty Turtle
07/07/22 11:23:02AM @dusty-turtle:

That's what I call a Saturday!