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Mtn Dulcimer Day/SoCal Dulcimer Heritage(online)

Mtn Dulcimer Day/SoCal Dulcimer Heritage(online)

Saturday October 21 2023, 9:00 AM
@ Virtual, everywhere
Attendees:  @Dusty Turtle

Mountain Dulcimer Day: Saturday, Oct 21 , 8 Teachers/Classes, 1 Link, $30/all day!                                  9-Noon & 1:30-4:30 (Pacific time). Students need only a free Zoom account. FEATURING:

Nina Zanetti - Playing with expression, technical strategies to play with feeling! 60’
Holly Tannen - Three major and two minor keys without tab or retuning! 60’
Pam Setser - Ozark traditional style fiddle tunes from her family tradition! 60’
Keven Roth - “Dulcimeditation” for mindfulness, select lullaby-like melodies. 30’
Grant Olson - All About Fingerpicking. Learn his simple yet masterful technique! 60'
Joellen Lapidus - ‘Mandolin strum,’ getting that fast tremolo, a powerful technique! 30’
Leo Kretzner - String-bending, bluesy left-hand notes on old-time songs. 30’
Bill Dempsey - Songs w Dulcimer, intros, endings, phrasing , & more! 30’

See www.scdh.org for details and other events of our Month of Music! See you online!! 

Joseph Besse
09/14/23 11:03:26AM @joseph-besse:

Thanks for update on times and schedule details. Looksmlike a good workshop.


Leo Kretzner
09/12/23 12:22:43PM @leo-kretzner:

Okay, this is the lineup and I hope it's helpful!

MOUNTAIN DULCIMER DAY Schedule, Saturday, October 21, 2023

Pacific Time                                          Eastern Time
9 AM     JOELLEN LAPIDUS                  12 noon
9:30      KEVIN ROTH                             12:30
10 AM   PAM SETSER                            1 pm    
11 AM   GRANT OLSON                         2 pm

12:30-1:30 lunch

1:30 PM      NINA ZANETTI                    4:30 pm
2:30 PM      HOLLY TANNEN                  5:30
3:30 PM      LEO KRETZNER                  6:30
4:00 PM      BILL DEMPSEY                   7:00

Leo Kretzner
09/10/23 05:00:53PM @leo-kretzner:

Great point, Joe! I'm checking with Joellen Lapidus to see if a schedule has been arrived at. 

I can see how the time difference can effect being able to see everyone, especially toward the end. (Or perhaps early for our Hawaiian friends!) 

I hope to let you know soon!


Joseph Besse
09/10/23 04:00:25PM @joseph-besse:

I live in the CT time zone.  Any chance of getting a schedule showing times the various performers will be teaching for your October 21 virtual zoom classes?  Thanks.


Leo Kretzner
09/04/23 12:20:41PM @leo-kretzner:

Thanks, Dusty. I'm really excited about our four new folks this year. They all get more time than us repeaters, and they work out nicely for reverse alphabetical order, lol! 

Dusty Turtle
09/02/23 02:47:50PM @dusty:

What a great lineup!