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Boys of Wexford & Banish Misfortune

musician/member name: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:02:52
Two traditional Irish tunes played on mountain dulcimer by Leo Kretzner.
03/16/18 06:24:56AM @ariane:

you play stunningly - it is so beautiful

08/14/17 07:49:27PM @bob:


Leo Kretzner
08/05/17 05:40:09PM @leo-kretzner:

Thanks, Dusty. That's the trouble - they LOOK easy! Like your playing on Wind That Shakes the Barley, similarly. One can be concentrating at maximum intensity and even sweating bullets, but still looks relatively easy! This is why so many guitarists contort their faces while playing - to emote. It makes for good 'theater'. 

Dusty Turtle
08/04/17 07:58:17PM @dusty:

You make it look so easy, Leo.  Nice playing!

Leo Kretzner
08/02/17 02:49:01PM @leo-kretzner:

Hi Folks, 

Here's the first of what I hope will be a set of new videos in the coming weeks. Just one time through Boys of Wexford and into the three part jig Banish Misfortune, which uses the 1.5 fret for a C natural (DAD, or in my case DADD equidistant). 

Hope you enjoy 'em!